TZ accuses Zanu PF youths of intimidating its Mt Darwin West candidate

Zimbabwe continues to witness cases of politically motivated violence, which manifest in different forms. FILE PICTURE

OPPOSITION Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) yesterday accused Zanu PF youths of intimidating its candidate for the Mt Darwin West by-election, Kenard Fungai.


TZ in a statement claimed that Zanu PF youths had visited Fungai’s homestead twice on Friday night and intimidated his wife after failing to locate him.

“A truck full of Zanu PF youths including Nyasha Makwena approached Kenard Fungai’s homestead at farm number 13 under Chief Nohwedza in Mt Darwin and requested to see ‘the father of the house’ who fortunately was not in at the time,” the political party said.

“The youths went on to interrogate Kenard’s wife and four children regarding their father’s movements and number of people who are residing at the homestead. The same truck then came back again around 10pm on the same day and just parked at the entrance to Kenard Fungai’s homestead for some time before driving away. It is highly suspected that the visit could have been a reconnaissance prior to an attack. A police report is yet to be submitted.”

Zanu PF has vowed to retain the seat which used to be under former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

TZ is one of the few opposition parties contesting the seat which became vacant following the elevation of former Zanu PF second in command.

Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere could not be reached for comment.


    • ZANU PF use intimidation and violence to control people and the people of Zimbabwe now need real change. Honourable Fungai be strong and courageous we are behind you. Famba TZ famba

  1. Typical Zanu pf. I would have been surprised if they had displayed anything else but their violent, intolerant and draconian side. All they know is war. Zanu pf is a war time party, they thrive under bloodshed and chaos; if there is no war they create war.
    Transform Zimbabwe would need to brave the assault becoz guaranteed, its coming. I what we desperately need as a people at this point in time “bravery to confront Zanu pf”. Lets see how this party fares and support in order if they can prove to be more resilient than the sheepish MDCs (A-Z)

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