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Tytan comes out of grooming with new track, Faka


ABRA Tribe has started 2015 on fire with yet another upbeat track titled Faka by Njabulo Nkomo, better known as Tytan, in collaboration with Donald Kanyuchi set for official release on Friday.

by Tinashe Sibanda

The track is an Afro-pop up-tempo song about the emancipation of African people as they face hardships and cry out for help with hopes of a brighter future.

The song which comes out exciting also comes with a message of encouragement to anyone that has gone through any forms of challenges as well as those that have made mistakes in which they can learn from and become better people in the future.

“Faka is short for “Faka Itshukela” meaning add the sugar which, in essence means adding sweetness to one’s life even when you are at your lowest point by simply having a taste of our good music,” said Tytan. He said in his line of work he met with different people who often times told him their life stories and often times most of them echoed on how life was tough as well as previous mistakes they were now paying for and he always assures them that is always hope for a brighter tomorrow despite their past or present realities.

“My main discovery was that people want to be happy and I decided to bring that happiness the best way I can which is through the music I make,” he said.

Tytan said his main targeted audiences were the youths and the young at heart who were more inclined to Afro-pop music compared to the majority of the elderly people.

He said his track would probably make an impact to those who could still see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel despite having others that inherited the hardships that were passed down to them from the older generations.

The musician said he planned to do a lot of audio and visual plugging on radio and television as he branched out to the masses through online DJ’s and entertainment centres too.

“I will furthermore seek support in an initiative for schools where career guidance will be provided countrywide on a regular basis and I definitely see this song going very far beyond Zimbabwean boarders as it has a crossover appeal that the rest of the world would fancy too,” added Tytan.

Tytan and Kanyuchi are partners in music with Kanyuchi under Skhokho Management which is a subsidiary of the Abra Tribe which Tytan holds chief executive post. Beyond their professional links the two are also very close friends.

Kanyuchi who was groomed at Oliver Mtukudzi’s Pakare Paye Arts Centre is responsible for the ethnic sound and vocals later in the song expressed excitement in being part of the project as well as working with Abra Tribe.

“This is a great year so far in the music industry; we look forward to more magic from local Zimbabwean singers and those abroad,” he said.
The song was produced by Tawanda Sibotshiwe popularly known as Jusa Dementor.

Tytan also said people could look forward to more Afrocentric music from him which would include well established local musicians including Cynthia Mare and many other surprises.

“We are so excited about this release and the and the launch of our new African bred recording artiste as it had been a long time coming for Zimbabwe to have artistes of this nature that can be exported into Africa’s mainstream international circles,” said Jusa Dementor.

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