Tsvangirai insists State security behind Dzamara’s abduction


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday dismissed State media reports and claims by some Zanu PF activists that his party had “hidden” missing journalist and human rights activist Itai Dzamara to cause anarchy and incite riots against the Zanu PF government.

By Everson Mushava

Addressing journalists following a visit to Dzamara’s home in Glen View, Harare, Tsvangirai maintained that State security agents were behind Dzamara’s abduction two weeks ago and demanded his immediate release.

“Why would we abduct him, to achieve what? It is not possible. It is a mockery to the MDC,” Tsvangirai said.
“As a party, we are grieving and eager to know his whereabouts. What is at stake here is human life and we should not play games. How is it possible that when someone is a victim, he is called a perpetrator?”

Dzamara was reportedly abducted in the high-density suburb by five unidentified men believed to be State security agents and driven away in an Isuzu truck. Since then, his whereabouts have remained a mystery with opposition parties and human rights groups ratcheting up pressure on government to produce him.

But several Zanu PF officials including Information minister Jonathan Moyo have accused the MDC-T of “hiding” Dzamara to incite the public to rise against government.

Tsvangirai yesterday insisted the State was behind Dzamara’s abduction.

“The nation and everyone is distressed over the whereabouts of Dzamara. As I said earlier on, the State should be held responsible until such a time they can prove their innocence. Let us hope that nothing happens to him. We place everything in God.”

Tsvangirai, who was in the United States over the past week, said: “I have come to show solidarity with the family. It is a tough situation to be away from home and the family does not know your whereabouts. I experienced the same situation when I was abducted.”

The opposition leader was abducted and arrested several times by State security agents following the formation of the MDC and when he was secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

He said Dzamara’s abductors stormed the shop where he was having a haircut, identified themselves as police and accused him of stocktheft before they handcuffed him and bundled him into their car.

Tsvangirai said it was ironic that the State was claiming that his party was involved in Dzamara’s appearance when the people who arrested him identified themselves as police.


  1. if the state is so sure he was abducted by the mdc then why not arrest the perpetrators?otherwise it is a well known fact which people have been in this business for years in this country.

  2. Todays journalists saka hapana akaona kuti mota yacho yaive rudzii? Kana colour chii? Vanhu vacho vaive 5 matadza kana kuitavo zvinoita mamwe manewspaper ekunze kudrowa how the person looked liked….you lazy buggers just want to earn for doing very little. You all no different from those people…kudya zvemahara

    • lazy joyrnos ,lazy yes it might be or just they ddnt put a scketch of the peptrators because it is a dangerous “game” eg they put a scketch that looks like you then next thing police just do profiling to tie you to the crime before you know it you an inocent person in prison .they might not have put the colour because they asked A people said white then C said black then B said green ,eye witnesses not so reliable ,my point is as long as there is “maybe” dont be too quick to blame people to be lazy when you dont know the WHY

  3. Previous perfectionists of these dastard acts here in Zimbabwe are ZanuPF Government security agents. You do not need to consult Prophets, N’gangas and etc over this issue.

    Let us hope when its (Govt) done with him , he will be released alive.

  4. no mhaan , Dzamara was never abducted . abducting him for what reason,a useless activist. its the opposition shenanigans to try and incite massive demos and riots.manje we will prevail and contin ALL those planned demos RUTHLESSLY. NXAAAAAAAAAA


  5. there are two issues here ,its either dzamara was never abducted but stage managed his disappearance to gain political groung.or it was a carefully planned incident but badly executed with the intention of making it look as if its the gov behind this silly shenanigan.tsvangirai’s reckless grandstanding bears testimony of all this.whowever planned all this is very dangerous , and there is going to be hell to pay after all this .

    • You see fire links, that is what ZPF have been doing all along. Their party saying is, I am not the one,” but meanwhile God’s finger is pointing at them. I cannot excuse myself for my own sin so ZPF must stop pointing fingers at everyone else because when they point there are 3 pointing back at them. Our country is a disaster due to ZPF. How many people have gone missing in 35 years???? How many. Because on judgment day you guys are going to be asked that question and you will have NOWHERE to hide. it is better to wake up and repent!

  6. Its strange how a minister who is the custodian of the supposedly “law enforcement agents” can accuse someone else of kidnapping without making any arrests. If you were a government top figure and know who committed a crime, you unleash your forces don’t you? The only people you can not arrest are your own comrades in crime, how difficult is that to understand, you don’t need rocket science for that. If you really don’t know and investigating, you got no right to implicate anyone, what kind of governing is that? If its Zanu it has always killed anyway, its a shame that it comes as a surprise to some parts of the country, if not then they can be forgive because logic points in their direction for they have experience in that business. Zanu does benefit a lot of people in their evil deals,including some journalists, don’t be surprised if you get fake publications, get used to it.

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