TelOne to connect 9 500 homes

STATE-OWNED telecommunications company TelOne is set to commission four additional Fibre to the Home (FTTH) this month with the remainder to be commissioned next month.


TelOne last year embarked on a FTTH project through the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) to enable customers to enjoy fast Internet services.

Company corporate communications manager Melody Harry told NewsDay recently that the eight FTTH networks would provide service 9 500 homes.

“Significant progress has been made on the FTTH project. Fibre is being rolled out in Harare’s new suburbs that include Mount Pleasant Heights, Mainway Meadows, Tynwald and Westgate. The FTTH project is also being rolled out in Ruwa, Norton, Ngezi and Zvishavane.

“To date TelOne has completed two FTTH networks in Zimre Park and Mt Pleasant Heights and TelOne will soon be announcing the new and exciting packages for fibre to the home,” Harry said.

“Four additional FTTH networks will be commissioned in March 2015 and the remaining two will be commissioned in April, 2015.”
She said TelOne was transforming to ensure that it delivered top class service to its customers.

“This year will thus see the company expanding broadband connectivity by continuing to roll out FTTH solutions in a number of sites around the country.

She added that TelOne was also set to consolidate and expand the Fibre to the building (FTTB) deployment in Bulawayo, Mutare, Harare and other smaller towns.

“On a larger scale, TelOne will continue to rollout its backbone fibre footprint and implement the following routes Bulawayo — Masvingo — Beitbridge, Nyanga — Mutare — Chipinge — Chiredzi and Harare — Nyamapanda,” she said.

Harry said TelOne was set to expand its Internet Protocol (lP) Multimedia-based platform replacing its core switching network countrywide which would enable the company to offer a number of quality IP services to its clients.

“These services will enhance our clients experience and will transform how our clients conduct their business including home entertainment,” Harry said.

She also said TelOne will also be setting up a data centre which would see the company offer web hosting services, server leasing among other benefits and this would come with an advanced customer relations management and billing system.


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  2. That is not FTTH research thouroughly then give us correct information . if Telone busy implementing longhauls and metro fibre does not mean they ar implementing fibre to the hom . Installing FTTH its very expensive and its not viable to install in thos ghetto areas u ar talking coz noone is going to afford it. Few companies in Africa have started implementing FTTH eg Alcatel ,conductfibre , vumatel

    1. @mukarangawekumberengwa i urge you to comment on issues objectively without mixing up things.its either you are not in zim or you really dont know wats happenning in the FTTH world. FTTH is happening my friend here in Zim. Those areas mantioned in the article are not the only once with the services. Just as your home work find out where liquid telecom have deployed FTTH and i am sure yu will be shocked how everything is moving except you.

      1. @tsavety My bra tell me were exactly they started to deploy FTTH if you really undestand it . Fibre kudhlakwangu bra so i dnt comment something which i do not understand and fully aware of it . Liquid u ar talking they have started u ar lying . Kana usingaihwisisi Hrega tikujekesere nechikaranga uhwe zvomene . FTTH unogona kushandisa shinda imwa yakainzana nebvudzi rako to connect dzimba kana 32 uchishandisa atinoti maSplitters . Neimwe zhira fananidza ruvoko gwako sefibre then zvigumwe tongoti zvabatanidzwa nespliiter zvokusha data kudzima dzakasiyana

    2. Taura zvako zvinodhura zve FTTH. Liquid Telecom right now is the only company in Zimbabwe iri kuita izvo and their network is perfect. FTTH ku location haishande even ku low density kwacho vamwe havaizive.

  3. Guys, I don’t understand what your beef is. So you are mad that TelOne is upgrading???
    Some people need negativity to stay alive it seems.

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