Pictures: ‘Update Broadcasting Authority Act’

Panelists included Denny Marandure (CEO Zou), Edith Utete (Lawyer) and Gelfand Kausiyo.

A CALL has been made to amend the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) Act so that it is in line with today’s ever-changing technology.

Speaking at a Digital Future conference in Harare yesterday, ZOL chief executive officer Denny Marandure said part of the Act was now outdated.


“Even if you look at it right now, the fine for violating the Act is ZW$5 million. That just shows you that it needs updating,” he said.

“There are a lot of other things in there too which need to be updated. In terms of quality, it says the board is there to make sure that there is quality and innovative service, but if you look at ZBC, that’s not it. My proposal is to have the Broadcasting Act updated to actually be also in line with today’s innovations and technologies because Internet forces change.”

Panelists included Denny Marandure (CEO Zou), Edith Utete (Lawyer) and Gelfand Kausiyo.
Panelists included Denny Marandure (CEO ZOL), Edith Utete (Lawyer) and Gelfand Kausiyo.

Marandure said ignoring technological changes was to the country’s disadvantage.

“Things are changing, so for us to ignore that and not to adopt those changes to our broadcasting act is to our disadvantage because mind you the Internet has been the biggest driver of economic growth in the country,” Marandure said.

Part of the participants.
Part of the participants.

One of the panellists, former BAZ corporate and legal affairs director Edith Utete, said it took time for an Act to be changed as a lot of processes needed to be followed.


“For regulations, it doesn’t take time, but if it is an Act, then it has to go through several stages, going through Parliament too, so that could take a bit of time,” Utete said.

The two-day Digital Future conference which ended yesterday was aimed at exploring the opportunities that lie in online and electronic media.
The conference was hosted by NetOne, TBWA Zimbabwe, Alpha Media Holdings and Techzim.


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