Mnangagwa defends miniskirts

VICE-PRESIDENT and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has defended the wearing of mini-skirts by women, describing it as their constitutional right.

by Jairos Saunyama

Mnangagwa made the remarks during a constitutional outreach programme in Marondera last Friday after Chief Chikwaka of Goromonzi had denounced the wearing of mini-skirts in public.

“Some of us, including [Zanu PF Mashonaland East acting provincial chairperson and traditional historian Aeneas] Chigwedere, who were there around 1918 [know that] women used to wear nhembe, but no one protested. The men would put on madhumbu and no one protested. Then came the whites with clothes that covered the whole body,” Mnangagwa said. “If a woman parades herself in a miniskirt, leave her, that is what she wants.”

He added: “We went to war for freedom, fighting so that all people would be free. So the new Constitution speaks of freedom of choice and freedom of expression. What matters are her morals, not dressing, it is her right.”

Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Virginia Mabhiza echoed similar sentiments, telling the gathering to respect women’s dressing.

Recently, two Harare omnibus touts were hauled to court after they allegedly stripped a woman in the capital accusing her of being indecently dressed.

The court case is still pending at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.


  1. Matibili Will Fall

    Rino gore haripere Matibili asina kudonha.

  2. Munangagwa muhofisi 2015. Nyika iye inozonaka manje toona vemaminiskirts pese pese. Viva Lacoste

  3. It is their right and they can even walk in town wearing their g-strings its allowed, but it is how we will see them as. So when they go to Magaya seeking deliverence from marriage issues they should understand it is also a man’s right to marry a ecently dressed woman.

    1. hazvina kana basa izvo. akuudza kuti munhu wese anoda kuroorwa ndiani? you marry what you want. some of us are confident to marry ane mini skirt yacho. ndimi munobavurura nhumbi dzevanhu imi. hosha chete apa. Are men allowed to wear shorts, and why?

  4. Willard Mubvumbi

    Very soon the Gays, Lesbians an Bisexuals would also want to be defended. They would ask, if whores are defended why not them? Food for thought.

  5. VP is wasting time dabbling in controversial subjects. He should know better that no-one is allowed to dress the way they like – we dress for people. The only time you are allowed freedom of dressing is in the bathroom and in your blankets, period. We dress for people – Adam did not need any clothing when he was alone in Eden. Enter Eve! He had to struggle even with fig leaves. No to attire that reveals everything but only covering the essentials.

    It’s also laughable that VP says we went to war for freedom. Is it selective freedom for some and not others? Why is Joice being accused of trying to be free in dreams (not even in action) for wanting to be head of state and government? Shame on you ZANU PF and your rotten morals.

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