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MicInity faces 6 months’ jail over maintenance


REGGAE artiste Mike Madamombe, popularly known in music circles as MicInity, will serve a six-month jail term unless he pays $2 100 for the upkeep of his two children, Harare magistrate Milton Serima ordered yesterday.


MicInity was charged with breaching a maintenance order of $150 for the welfare of his children imposed by the High Court.

He admitted to the charge and pleaded for a lengthy period to raise the money.

“Accused person should be induced to pay for the upkeep of his children. The court ought to pass a sentence that will deter him from repeating such an offence,” Serima said.

MicInity told the court that he was a father of five children and did not have any savings or valuable assets except a house.

The court heard that the reggae singer divorced Christine Tariro Gumunyu, the mother of two of his children.

On June 3 last year, couple went to the High Court where it was ordered by consent that MicInity would pay $150 per month and an additional $150 for school fees per term for each child.

It was also agreed that the school fees would be paid in $50 instalments. Madamombe only made payments of $600 for September and October respectively and another $300 for January despite the court order and ended up entangled in $2 100 arrears.

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