MDC-T gives up on 14 seats

THE MDC-T yesterday resolved not to participate in the by-elections for the 14 seats left vacant after the expulsion from Parliament of MPs who defected to the MDC Renewal Team camp, effectively giving away the seats to Zanu PF.


NewsDay has it on good authority that the party was quick to replace the seven MPs whose seats fall under the Proportional Representation platform.

Though MDC-T could not immediately confirm the replacements of the seven fired MPs, party spokesperson Obert Gutu said the party had upheld its October 2014 congress resolution not to participate in any general or by-election before implementation of key electoral reforms.

“Our position is clear. We have a congress resolution and we do not vacillate or blow hot and cold. We believe in sticking to principle,” Gutu said.

“The national standing committee met and it was unanimously agreed that we have a resolution of congress and we should not be seen to be blowing hot and cold. We say nothing has changed in as far as the electoral playing field is concerned.”

Gutu claimed that they had gathered intelligence reports that the ruling Zanu PF party had reactivated its poll-rigging machinery and was geared to put it to test at the forthcoming by-elections for Chirumanzu-Zibagwe and Mt Darwin West constituencies on March 27.

“We have discovered shocking inconsistencies. We have impeccable intelligence that points to that Nikuv is alive and kicking and under the payroll of the Zanu PF regime,” Gutu said.

“We will not legitimise the electoral fraud. Until and unless electoral reforms are fully implemented, we will not take part in elections.”

Earlier, MDC-T insiders had confided to NewsDay that there was “war” in the party over whether or not to participate in the by-elections.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was reportedly under pressure over the matter from some quarters who felt the party leadership bungled in dealing with the issue of recalling MPs aligned to the MDC Renewal Team as that had compromised the party’s big tent approach and the possibility of reuniting pro-democratic forces to fight Zanu PF.
“It’s a war. We won’t have reforms in Africa so we are in a dilemma. There is a debate on whether we reverse the congress resolution or not because it will vindicate those who call Tsvangirai unstable,” an impeccable MDC-T insider said.

There were reports yesterday that some senior members of the MDC-T were jostling to take up the vacant seats to bring vibrancy to Parliament, but the party had to settle for lesser influential members to avoid a potential rift.
More than half of the party’s standing committee members are not in Parliament including Tsvangirai, national chairman Lovemore Moyo, deputy chairman Morgen Komichi, secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, treasurer-general Theresa Makone, her deputy Charlton Hwende and Gutu.

It is understood that Yvonne Musarurwa was set to replace Evelyn Masaiti as MP, while David Chimhini was likely to replace Senator Patrick Chitaka in Manicaland.

Makone and Anna Chimanikire were also tipped to get into Senate as proportional representatives. Other constituencies, the source said, were still being debated.

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  1. Saka chamakahwinha chii nhai Save? you were just vindictive for nothing. saka kudhoneta maseats kuZanupf kuri nane pane kumasiya ari ku opposition? are you saying biti and co are worse than ZANU pf? Tsvangirai fungawo mhani iwe you are a set back to democracy! you are being childish and petty . You will never get my vote again.

    1. Endazvako hatina basa newe urimumwe wana biti(mbiti) takagara tisina vote yako yashamisei nhasi nhaiwe kamba unepfungwa dzakagariwa

    2. We dont nid yo vote zaka….afta all if all of Zim votes fo Mdc ,Zanu will always win saka bays mudhara

    3. WeZaka you pretend to be with us but you Zanu-pf at heart.Save did not come up the decision himselt.It was party decision.dont just write without understanding current affairs.

      1. Good move but Encourage all the people in those respective Mdc wards to register but not vote.
        Zpf deliberately under registrars ppl on mdc wards
        What’s the point of getting into an election when only 3million of the 8million adults are registered to vote.

    4. Fabion Magamba

      This is clear evidence that Tsvangirai and his friends cannot think strategically. All Morgan wants is to take away food from Biti’s mouth. If he had any brain, he would have realized that Biti was the better devil than ZANU. Now that idiotic spokesman of Morgan is admitting that Nikuv is still alive and kicking and ready to take over the Harare and Bulawayo seats. The move will only help in humiliating the residents of Harare and Byo and make them shun opposition politics!

    5. Mdc-t is now on feja-feja mode previus years they indicate right when thy are turning left secondly leadership is taking people for granted by imposing candidates and blocking the will and wishes of the people.2013 Bhora musango domineted in most constituency because of reservation of WOMEN and reservation of friends seats secondly Abenico Bhebhe formed parallel structures to suit his faction.Places like Bulawayo shonas were blocked big time by Bhebhe which resulted Ralph Magunje now mash East Chairman migrating to Magunje area and Kidwell Mujuru Crossed floor to Zanu pf.Currenty in Manicaland Imposed Chairman Chimini is removing everymember of the part who was supporting Chamisa last congress with the blessing of Mwonzora and Abednico Bhebhe tht is not enough Bulawayo thre are some Districts which have Shona Chairs like Byo East,Byo Central, Magwegwe and Byo South are targeted to be dissolved by Gift Banda with the bleesing of Abednico Bhebhe and Mwonzora coz thy r pro Chamisa. So from wht l said Mdc-t its failing to take its own part to greater heights can u believe tht it can take the nation to another level.Ndaramba ini

    6. Is there a difference between Renewal and Zanu in the eyes of MDC-T? I doubt it saka hanya nani chidhoma chekwaChivi, no difference at all and you are the same people who when people asked why Mafume and Biti were always after Tsvangirayi were sayi he is not one of them

  2. weZaka u can keep your vote, we dont need it. This is best decision, why waste time queueing only to cast a vote that wil be stolen at the end of the day. Better let them take the whole parliament if they want, we say no to Nikuv ever again

    1. so what was the point of firing them if you knew you will not participate? National leaders are not mired in petty politics they rise above it! This is childish and vindictive.

  3. You recall MP s because you say they do not represent you, then you refuse to participate in a process that puts in those who reprent you? On the other hand you quickly replace the unelected ones? Your reason, Zanu will. Didn t Zanu rig when you won those constituencies in the first place?

  4. Whether mdc has 91 seats or 10 seats it doesnt make a difference. Zanu stil commands a majority. Mdc T did the correct thing. Biti and company went about denigrating party leadership. All the meetings he held were aimed at denigrating the person of tsvangirai. His attacks were jus too personal and childish. Surely hw dd u expect the party to kp these guys in parliament. Little known mafume attacked tsvangirai left right and centre therefore wht dd u xpect these guy to do? Whether they contest or nt dz nt change anythng.

    1. So what if Tsvangirayi was denigrated? It is not about him but the people of Zimbabwe who voted for this idiot party before it started growing many heads! Save does not own parliament zvaakatukwa akabveiko? Now Save and Co will not contest the very same same seats that they took away from Biti and Co, the likely result is that they will go to ZPF! We cannot have another personality cult being created around Save thats just same of the same and exactly what got us into this mess in the first place!

  5. We are not going to participate anyway, like it or not. Those won under this circumstance must know that they don’t represent the interest of majority but the minority zpf.

  6. Mdc-T did the correct thing sticking by their principles. ndozvakavakundisa muna 2013 zvekubvuma kuenda kumaelections pasinakuitwa maelectoral reforms. its also a lesson to those vanozoda kuita sana Biti kuti they will go the Munyaradzi Gwisai way.

  7. Tsvangirai appears to have lost focus on who actually the enemy is. To him am sure he is content on remaining the leader of the opposition and will fight anyone who wants to take that role. If he is celebrating the demise of the Biti camp whom he managed to chase away from parliament then clearly we are dealing with a vindictive and very jelous leader. It is stupid for him to remove a member of parliament elected by a whole constituency before consulting the povo who voted for them. Surely it is not Tsvangirai and his top leadership who voted those people into power. Zimbabweans should be worry of such a leader who is clearly selfish and vindictive

    1. and wat do you say abt Biti n Mafume’s attack on Tsvangirai…..Who attacks the other most TB or MT ? ….U r lost here

  8. Tsvangirai simply followed the law here, ndiyo democracy yacho, where`s the prblm. & to demand fair elections is the greatest democracy of all. Its Biti who should worry how to recover the seats coz he`s the sellout & creator of this mess

  9. pane anozivawo here kurikuwanikwa chibage andiudzewo please ?

    1. Enda kunobvunza Made. Or GMB

  10. Taura hako @Joe whether you field for those constituencies the difference is the same. What MDC voters can do in protest is go and nullify the ballot by writing on it ‘MUGABE GO! Chete chete he will get the message.

  11. Biti is juss like Zanu pf he doesnt represent the intrest of the party and if u follow the Magarangomas n the likes they r always busy despising party leadership instead of Mugabe n his Zanus so thats serves them ryt n it doesnt matter coz Zanu pf already had 2 thirds of the House even if Renewals were still there

  12. I dont see any problem here guys, isnt it that the Biti crew claim to be more popular and the real MDC why cant they just contest those seats and win them since the very people who voted them are still the same who are in those constituencies. and they are the very candidates who once won and im sure they will be voted again. why you people expose your stupid infront of the whole world shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Good strategic move. As long as bob lives there will be no free and fair election in zim. Lets bid our time. The end is near. The rigging machinery will be out in full force since it will be just 14 constituencies.

  14. I don’t see any donated seats here. UMDC/Renewal just has to win them. Why would you say donated to Zanu Pf and not Biti? And why count on Tsvangirai’s benevolence? Ngoma ndiyo ndiyo

    1. Fabion Magamba

      When there are only 14 seats being contested it is easy for Nikuv steal the ballot. ZANU PF will therefore make a clean sweep of all the Harare and Byo seats. Once ZANU PF occupies Byo and Harare, voters will be demoralized.

  15. gushungo kasukuwere

    Let us be very objective , what wrong did Biti commit to Zimbabwe , just having guts to tell Morgan the truth . Zimbabwe is a nation of haters for no reason , Zanu and the country are in this mess because people were afraid to tell Mugabe kuti nguva yakwana , now somebody does , atova mhandu , so he was supposed to keep zii and then what . Zanu did not rig in the last election , MDC lost because people were not happy with nyaya dzaMorgan , those 17 MPS had to fight for those seats , look how close they were . Until we all change and not hero worship bad leaders we are doomed. Yes it is wrong to donate seats to Zanu Pf they are not part of the opposition movement . What principles and democracy do you talk about Morgan he has behaved all the way just like Robert , Mugabe akatove nani. Morgen akatamba nesu and he will continue doing so, he has nothing to offer now let us have new blood with new ideas.

    1. Mbwa we so you claim Morgan’s bedroom issues dominate the hunger and misery cause by your fossiled leader.

    2. Why do you people make noice about UMDC-RENEWAL PARTY they loast their SEATS square let them conrest the by-electons and win them back, its not SAVE’s problen MDC-T is giving them room to contest and win without splitting votes, why are they afraid of contesting on their own without MT assistance. MDC-T Donating seats my foot.

  16. Fabion Magamba

    Normally we say some people shoot themselves in the foot but crazy Morgan Tsvangirai has shot himself in the head by this stupid decision. Even diehard MDC-T supporters are angered by this foolish move that was completely unnecessary and only beneficial to ZANU and Nikuv.

    1. wezaka uridofo chairo

  17. Guys lets not oppose for the sake of it, lets be reasonable. Nothing is being donated here. MDC Renewal is an active party which claims to be popular, let them prove it by reclaiming those seats period. They havent been barred from the byelections, have they?

  18. This is absurd. We need new opposition, the current crop has run out of ideas..

  19. Mapenzi Dhumanai Chaizvo

    Please don’t continue to show us your ignorance ye politics . Why are you in politics when you fail to participate in elections . You fear humiliation . You have nothing to offer vanhu that’s why . You always change wk end you were ready for the By Election 3 days down line you wont participate . Morgan will never win anything in life . Anoda kupinda muPower ne back door . .

  20. These seats were no longer for MDC-T. They were no longer under their control. In fact MDC-T, by recalling the MPs have managed to regain the 7 proportional representation seats from the renewal team. Which is a plus for them.

    And as for the elections, the one thing that Zanu Pf was beginning to get with the international community after the 2013 elections is legitimacy. Now, if there was a one party election, that could be eroded again very quickly.

    And i think the MDC T are doing the right thing in refusing to take part in the election because in agreeing to go to elections in 2008, they saved Zpf from near death. In 2013, MDC T also legitimised Zpf.

    They should not do it for the third time.

  21. Some Zimbos are very daft indeed, they cant even tell the difference between a rigged election & a fair election. Even Mugabe himself recently confessed being trounced by Morgiza

  22. Decision to recall defected members of parliament was correct.Buts its a poor decision not to participate.This was an opportunity to check how Nikuv works.Why surrender ground to ZanuPF?Why are they filling the 7 seats.Why don’t they pull out all their members of parliament altogether.

  23. tsvangirai a zombie….. mai mujuru z better than these fools

  24. Forward Gadzira

    ZvaTsvangirai ndezvekuroyiwa chete. Munhu wepi asingaoni kuti zvaaita izvi kukwidziridza Zanu? Ndiye futi wokusvika musi wemuchato wake asati aziva kuti mukadzi wake chaiye ndiyani pakati paLorcardia, Nosipho (weSouth) naElizabeth. Tsvangirai arikurasa vanhu vaanoti ari kutungamira.

  25. That’s why Zim is where it is today, but hate him or like him, Save is the man for real. I will not waste time talking about his private life becoz even dai ndirini ndakaurayirwa mukadzi, ndaitsvaka mumwe then kana ndaona achishanda nemaZanu ndaimuramba ndoroora mumwe sezvakangoita Save. Ok to those who fail to understand why a party would recall MPs and not contest by-elections, the answer is simple. Besides it being a case of the law taking its course,Biti and co were getting half of the money meant for the MDC-T yet they were now clearly MDC Renewal or UMDC. Got it. So how do you pay salaries to people who don’t work for you ? I also fail to understand Zanu and Biti supporters who continue bashing mdct for not contesting instead of encouraging their parties to campaign and win those seats, its that simple. Ko tsvangson wamada kuzvuzvurudza kuti pinda chete mu election ndiye aneyi? Ko Mavambo, Zapu, UMDC hamuvaone here

  26. Why did the MDC participate in the 2013 elections then? This boycotting is a few months to late. ZANU PF yavakungoita madiro now. MDc should have held out for reforms before the elections.

  27. It just confirms him as the kingmaker. Aren’t you supposed to be happy now kuti its Biti’s chance to show the world his political muscle, asi chii nhai, asi hamuzvitembe here, hanzi if you can’t beat them, join them, ngavangojoinha Zanu yachoka vadzokere muparamende macho, vanetswa neyi.

  28. woman got nothing to with politics, why some people are so irrelevant always. Arinani ane hobho revakadzi panewe @ Forward unochaya bonyora. Lets talk politics during political issues and marital issues during the right time. Asina kumbohura ndiyani kana wakaroora musikana wako wawakajuma 1 iyeye it doesnt mean vamwe varume makwara sewe nonsense.

  29. This decision should have been made a long time ago however later is better than never. We can’t be given false hope kuti tichahwina free and fair, that will never happen. Tatomirira gudo reku Malawi rinonzi Mugabe rife munangagwa tomumamisa home and away

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