Health ministry defends MSU on HIV

Midlands provincial medical director Milton Chemhuru has dismissed as “unwarranted” and “reckless” recent reports that Midlands State University (MSU) students are spreading HIV.


Chemhuru said it was not feasible to categorically assert whether the students were the chief culprits in the spread of the deadly HIV.

He said such claims could be only ascertained after assessing sexual activities of each and every student at the institution.

The university has over 23 000 students.

“It’s wrong to conclude that MSU students are the ones spreading HIV in the province. No study has been done to determine that. The institution has thousands of students on board and it’s not fair, it’s rather reckless to say the students in their entirety are responsible for the surge in the HIV prevalence rate in the region,” Chemhuru said in an interview.

“How can one assess sexual activities of all the students? It’s impossible. It would require an expensive research to determine that and in actual fact, such a research is not feasible”.

Chemhuru was responding to National Aids Council (NAC) co-ordinator Mambewu Shumba’s comments at the launch of the Southern African Aids Trust’s (SAAT) strategic plan for 2015-18.

Shumba told medical practitioners and district administrators that the 20% to 23% increase in HIV prevalence rate from last year was mainly due to reckless sexual behaviour by MSU students.

The report, which has gone viral on social media networks, angered many MSU students who have also taken to social media to defend themselves and the institution.

Many students have challenged NAC to justify its report.

“We need to know how NAC has come to the conclusion that we are the major drivers of the recent increase in the HIV prevalence rate. NAC officials have to tell us how they have conducted their research,” Sharon Hove, a third year Law student at the institution, said.


  1. Chemhuru you ddnt even have to defend anything here ?National Aids Council (NAC) itai mushe ,anyone can spread Aids in church ,bar,school ,work etc -clearly you have an agenda against msu .nowonder aids irikuspreader at a faster rate because orginisations like these National Aids Council (NAC) spend more time speculating than concentrating on practical matters.nxa

  2. you have to justify that and give determination.

  3. problem is the idiots from NAC are uneducated imbeciles especially in the areas of research… seating behind your desk looking at papers and producing a report that furthers your need to be financed by donor organizations does not constitute a research, neither does it bear relevance to facts on the ground… that in itself is gross negligence of the highest degree, utter rubbish… verbal diarrhea. this is a real sign of public masturbation of facts… proof in point that by accusing an institution without facts he is a major league asshole!!

  4. Such research is feasible, only if you are concerned about the impact of HIV to the nation and indeed the world over would you want to carry out that research. While other people are busy trying to find ways to stop the spread of HIV there is those who prey on the poor and the underprivileged, especially the innocent young. The politicians,police,army,teachers and university students are among those who knowingly spread HIV to the younger low school students. If in your region with known HIV statistics you suddenly have an explosion on new HIV infections after having an influx of a certain people from outside the region, what could that attribute to? We live in a nation with hate syndrome, where lying and dishonesty is interpreted as clever,”kumutsa”. In such a culture even the smallest of problems don’t have solutions because the truth is denied, we live in denial. It could not be all the above mentioned that are spreading the virus but those that have it do nothing to stop themselves from spreading it knowingly. Prostitutes only spread HIV to those willing to have it otherwise they offer protection to their clients and if you are a client you know the risks and protect yourself but the above mentioned give themselves a false status and a false sense of security to their victims.

  5. NAC and this Shumba guy should not be reckless with statements that tarnish the image of our daughters. Asi Shumba wakarambwa?

  6. that was an insult at its highest level…can u justify ur statements.nxaa

    1. musaite maemotions apa hehehe

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