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Guard leaves 11,5kg of gold unattended


A LEGAL wrangle between Redwing Mine and its security officer who was wrongly charged and fired way back in 2001 after he allegedly left 11,542kg of gold unattended was brought to the Supreme Court after the two parties haggled over the amount of damages to be paid to the worker.


Johnson Manyangadze was fired in November 2001 after he allegedly left two gold bars in his unlocked car, as he attended to other duties at the mine. Redwing Mine is a subsidiary of Metallon Gold Zimbabwe.

A disciplinary tribunal which presided over his case found him guilty of gross incompetence, leading to his dismissal in November 2001.

However, Manyangadze refused to go down without a fight and appealed to the Labour Court where Justice Euna Makamure noted that the company had preferred a wrong charge and simply ordered that he be granted damages without giving specifics of the quantum.

According to court papers, Manyangadze filed an appeal with the Labour Court in 2001, but it was not set down for hearing until 2004.

However, when the order was finally made, Redwing Mine offered Manyangadze a two-year salary as damages, but the latter declined the offer and asked for a 10-year salary instead.

This prompted Redwing Mine to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, both Redwing Mine and Manyangadze’s lawyers appeared before Justices Vernanda Ziyambi, Paddington Garwe and Antonia Guvava where they consented to have the matter referred back to the Labour Court for proper quantification of damages before a different judge.

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