Govt arrears cripple council: MDC-T

THE MDC-T has expressed concern at the non-payment of rates to Mutare City Council by government institutions, a situation that has further worsened cash woes in the eastern border town.


The MDC-T-dominated council has failed to deliver meaningful services to the residents due to lack of resources and angry residents have threatened to boycott paying rates.

However, following a party provincial meeting over the weekend, MDC-T provincial spokesperson and Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka said government was equally to blame for the mess in the city.

“We are very disturbed as a party over the non-payment of rates by government departments which is suffocating the City’s ability to deliver services to its residents some of whom are fully paid up,” said Saruwaka.

Government reportedly owes about $1,5 million to Mutare with the Home Affairs, Defence and Local Government ministries being the chief culprits.

“It is most unfortunate that government departments themselves, purported symbols of patriotism, are not paying for the services they have been enjoying from council further crippling its ability to meet important issues like paying workers and delivering uninterrupted safe water among others,” Saruwaka said. ads Ads

“Therefore the inability of our council to perform is a result of Zanu PF populist, but unsustainable policies coupled with central government’s failure to pay for the services rendered by council.”

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene has also gone on a campaign calling on Mutare residents to pay up their debts so that the city is saved from collapse.

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  1. All MDC controlled councils should live up to their commitment to transparency and accountability by publishing the complete details of defaulters. NAME AND SHAME!

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