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Dr Clarence tries luck in comedy


Doctor Clarence, born Kudzai Patsika, is better known for being the producer of Stunner’s smash hit Team Hombe, however of late he has been making inroads in comedy.

Tinashe Sibanda

The controversial producer has been busy shooting short films saturated with humour and comedy.

Some of the videos which have gone viral on social media include, What happens when you put Zimdancehall artiste in a hotel room, Bhuru Remashanga and Zimdancehall jokes?

“I a multi-talented artiste and these things just come naturally. I find joy and satisfaction in tackling social issues in a light way,” Dr Clarence explained.

Dr Clarence is also shooting a feature film which he hopes will be aired on national television. In the film, the usually comic actor will tackle serious bread and butter issues.

“The film tackles different themes. One of the themes is when a breadwinner dies and how the family tries to cope without him. It also touches on the vice at tertiary education,” Dr Clarence said.

The veteran producer has also roped in experienced script writers to come up with a good production.

“We are going to have new but talented actors. I have also approached experienced writers to perfect the scripts,” Dr Clarence added.

Financial woes are affecting the pace of productions since they are trying to kill two birds with one stone.

“No one has shown interest in sponsoring the productions at the moment though there are prospective sponsors and for the sake of progress we are using personal funds sourced from other piece of work,” he added.

Dr Clarence joined the showbiz in 2005 as dancehall chanter at X5 Studio.

He worked with Dadza D at his formative years.

He then joined Nitredy Studio where he worked as a video and audio producer alongside Roki and Russo in 2008. Since then he has been on a roller coaster starting his studio and producing for musicians such as ExQ, Stunner and Pastor G among others.

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