Church leaders self-seeking moneymongers — Mugabe


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has taken a dig on some fly-by-night Pentecostal church leaders describing them as self-seeking moneymongers who were not concerned with the welfare of their congregants.


Addressing guests at the Kutama centenary celebrations in Zvimba on Sunday, Mugabe said people must work hard to succeed and not wait for miraculous wealth from their spiritual leaders.

“The rise of robberies and murders doesn’t make a good sign and yet we have so many churches. As for the Pentecostals, anyone who has no job can just start preaching and say I can dream, the dream I had last night was I can do A and B and you get that. Oh, oh, oh! And our people, that’s what they want, they hurry,” Mugabe said.

Most leaders of the newly-established Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe were now living lavish lifestyles, staying in expensive mansions and driving flashy vehicles.

Mugabe also attacked some African leaders for what he called betraying the founding values and principles of the African Union founders.

“We are leaders of AU (African Union) where a lot of receding from principle is happening. We have lost the direction laid by our founding fathers like (Julius) Nyerere and others,” Mugabe said.

Meanwhile, outgoing Kutama Old Boys’ Association chairman Dakarai Mapuranga said he was proud to be associated with the Roman Catholic institution which has produced some of the country’s prominent people like Mugabe.


  1. Mugabe might be right but he probably needs to rethink on his perception of ‘selling out’ or ‘receding from the principles of the AU’. He must remember that the world is far different from what it was when the OAU was formed in 1963. The organization was a noble body addressed to address specific challenges that African people were facing that time. An example was political colonization and exploitation. The OAU, later to morph into the AU did that very well until all African states became politically independent.

    What the organization is failing to do, mainly because of our dear President who wants to take it back to 1963, is to adjust to the realties of the modern world, one of which is globalism. In the same manner, ZANU PF has failed to disengage gear number into number 2, 3, 4 and 5. The party remains stuck in the mood of the liberation war. It is failing to realize that we can still engage with our erstwhile colonizers but still draw lines of sovereignty, patriotism and resource nationalism. ZANU PF has stubbornly refused to change and with it has stuck Zimbabwe in 1980 if not earlier years. Leadership must be able to anticipate, embrace and manage change rather than resist any political changes as going back to colonialism. When a car fails to change gears and travels in the first gear, it heats up and blows the engine. Any wonder why Zimbabwe is burning? Icho!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, what this old fellow is failing to note is that the organization did achieve its goals, all the countries are independent and they have failed to move on from there. After independence now what? The still want the former colonizers to spoon feed them, so why get independent? He could be right about the churches, what he doesn’t accept is that he is the cause of their existence. He accuses the churches for not being concerned about the welfare of their congregates which is true, he equally is not concerned about the welfare of the country and the people have fallen prey to a lesser devil. These churches were responsible for mobilising people to vote for him not to create jobs so where should they be working hard when he is responsible for failure of industry,mining and agriculture? There is no known way of changing the past, but you certainly can set goals for the future and work hard towards achieving those goals so does he have any goals besides waiting for investment from others?

  2. the oldest president in the world is moaning about african ideals…. what he really means is that nobody wants to travel back in time with his demented self and operate from a 1960s framework – a war mentality and fighting whites. the world has since changed sekuru, and regional institutions like AU should be fighting for economic development. you are a square peg in a round hole. uri mudzimu wapinda muchurch – please go back where you belong, kuold people’s home. you are embarassing your kids.

  3. good observation the zanoids are stuck in the middle ages,the younger generation in that party is even worse,wiseman embrace change

  4. Strange accusations coming from a self-seeking money grabbing person! Who was it that said people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

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