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Being albino no limit for Jaffres


BEING born an albino for Jaffres Mhurushomana was most difficult as he had to endure segregation from his peers.


It however did not stop there as he got the nickname Uncle Pig due to his pigmentation of his skin.

At first, he says, it tormented him a lot until he grew to accept it.

“People called me Nguruve when I was growing up. I just had to accept it although it first it hurt me a lot because it is not by choice that I am albino. I however accept that this is who I am,” said the softspoken lad.

Uncle Pig now even uses the name on stage and has gained enough confidence to join the mainstream Zimdancehall music scene.

He has released his debut seven- track album titled Sandini Ndakazvida which explains his torturous life due to his condition.

In the title track Uncle Pig tells the listener that he is just as good as any other youth of his age.

He portrays a story of a youth who has been side lined by producers and promoters, but challenges them and tells them his skin does not qualify him as a disabled youth.

Born the first born in a family of three, Uncle Pig grew up in Highfield before he went on to stay with his aunt in Waterfalls’ Mainway Meadows.

The artiste is gifted with one of the most flawless voices and can easily make it on the mainstream scene if he gets the necessary support.

The musician will be participating at the forthcoming Mvengemvenge gig scheduled for Friday at the City Sports Bar where he will be performing alongside a host of other artistes.

“I think so far I have managed to get reasonable support and have been getting a chance to perform. I am glad with a performance on Friday where I will get the chance to rub shoulders with several artistes while we are guaranteed to get a huge audience,” said Uncle Pig.

Another artiste who is performing at the event Jack Mapanga of Bets of All Musica said they are grateful to be considered for the event.

“As upcoming artistes we rarely get a chance to showcase what we can do and we are thankful to the organisers of the gig that have afforded us a chance to show what we can do. Hopefully next time we will be engaged on a bigger platform,” said Mapanga.

John Manyo said: “The Friday event is very effective in that sometimes we fail to gather enough people because we still have small names but not that there will be several of us at the show it means there will be more people. Normally that is what an artiste requires to make their breakthrough.”

Organiser of the gig Ronnie Bere said he hopes that the gig gets the attention that the upcoming artistes are yearning for.

“There are several other bigger gigs we know but those are all unique in a way and we are saying those that cannot afford to be part of those please come and support these young artistes who need your support,” he said.

“We have called it Mvengengemvenge because it is a mixture of genres following no particular order which makes it quite interesting.”
The line-up will also include artistes like Jacob Moyana, Terminator, Lady Storm, Apama, Mostaf, Zaka Zaka, Victor Dee, Madiz, Kapfupi and Progress Chipfumo.

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