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AKA lives up to expectations


IT was an ecstatic affair at the Harare showgrounds’ East End Hall when South African rapper Aka staged a well-polished performance on Saturday.

Kennedy Nyavaya

The sizeable crowd could simply not get enough of the rapper’s live band performance which was complemented by a display of slick dance moves.

Coincidentally the band’s bass guitarist is Zimbabwean so he would then give the lyricist some words to say in Shona, much to the marvel of the crowd.

Donned in black and white the Congratulate hit-maker attracted wild screams as he took to stage moments after midnight, the astounding cheers from the youthful crowd were not in vain as he did not disappoint with his first track “I finally became an AKA”.

Fans were on their feet for the whole act which lasted about 40 minutes as they were engaging in a loud sing along on every hit the rapper sang.

It was such hits like Run Jozi and the latest All eyes on me that sent the majority into a frenzy as the band would momentarily stop playing and fans would continue at the highest of their voices.

Meanwhile, local supporting acts like Team Bhoo did not disappoint with their spirited act which made them a force to reckon in the hip-hop fraternity.

Junior Brown’s elegant display matched the heat of the night with DJ Ray Dizz’s prowess on the turntables making it a night to remember altogether.
Among the crowd were some popular local musicians like Maskiri and Zimdancehall’s Seh Calaz.

South African artistes have a record of living up to their billing this has made them popular with time as they now have very wide audiences on the local scene.

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