1 dies, 3 injured in CIO HQ elevator crash

ONE person died and three others were reportedly injured yesterday after an elevator at the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) headquarters at Chaminuka Building in Harare broke loose and plunged from the ninth to the fourth floor.

By Garikai Tunhira

Chaminuka Building is located between Kaguvi and Mukwati buildings at the main government offices along Fourth Street between Livingstone Avenue and Selous Avenue.

The number of casualties could not be ascertained at the time of going to print, but sources said the elevator was under routine maintenance when the accident occurred in the afternoon.
“I just heard a loud bang, but didn’t know that it was an elevator that had plunged,” a source close to the building said.

“For now, I’m not quite sure about the number of people injured.”
It was reported that technicians were working on the elevator for decommissioning and so they were on top of it.

“One of them loosened the wrong bolt and it then went on a free-fall,” another source said.
Information ministry secretary George Charamba referred all questions to the principal director in the ministry, Regis Chikowore, who initially promised to give an update, but his mobile phone later went unanswered.


  1. thats it zvinoshanduka ndomabasa avo dei vakafa vose

  2. Condolences to their families, kasi chokwadi ndechekuti if they have ever had a hand in torturing or killing anyone- then good riddance, zvakuwanaiwo! Basa rekushungurudza vanhu under the spell of your evil party! Bring back the missing journalist apa!

  3. tht company does nt hv well skilled personal.is the company registered acording to nssa regulation. are they well trained about safety regulations.????????????..learn to work with campanies like schindler its well equided trained personal in all aspects. tumacopany tunongonyuka utwu tuchapedza vanhu mumabuildings umu.

  4. One of them loosened the wrong bolt and it then went on a free-fall,” another source said. What does this mean? Technicians working on a lift and the lift being used at the same time?? How does that happen? Safety, safety and safety first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nobody was using the elevator. The injured and dead are technicians who were in the progress of decommissioning the death trap 1960s elevator.

  5. Everything is non-functional and this points to a “dying economy”. All elevators in government buildings are now death traps. We hear George Chisoko has been suspended by the Herald’s Caesar Zvayi for writing that the economy is dying. It’s laughable! May the departed rest in peace and the injure recover speedily.

  6. Which company was doing the routine maintenance I want check because I have a government list of approved service providers from NSSA

  7. Baba Jukwa is behind this. Regai vaurayane vega vapedzane vega

  8. dai kwaka kana 10 or more.

  9. dai kwafa 15

  10. ava vamama isu makatidzinga tokwira malift akanaka kuno kuWenera

  11. musanyeperwe kuti paigadzirwa. zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe mu cio dept. kwave nemagroups anodarika 4. so vachato bayana voga. pane meeting yaifanirwa kuitwa throu kuti todini nhau yamai mujuru. vamwe vanewo pfungwa yokuti ngavapondwe. kunyanya camp yaoppah muchinguri, grace mugabe, munangagwa- but mugabe haasi kutsigira nhau iyi. pane hurongwa hwekuda kuti mutasa and other members dzife. but on that sekeramayi arikupokana nezvinhu zvakadaro. so vari kushanda vakango furatirana nekutya kutangirwa. meeting haina kuzoitwa. but mai mujuru was on taget to silence others. zrp- cio-varikugara vari behind mai mujuru asi ivo vari aware about that plot

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