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Zimunya’s idea of reviving football


FRANCIS Zimunya believes he has the idea to get Zimbabwean football back to the top.


A critic of Zifa, he says the current board must be dissolved first and he has the solutions that can see the Warriors return to the Africa Cup of Nations.

This is an edited version of a document that was written on January 10 and handed over to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture. Zimunya represents a lobby group called the Lifelong Footballers’ Trust of Zimbabwe.

His budget needs at least $11 million per annum, and includes a whooping 22 196 coaches at primary and secondary schools alone. He presents his ways

1-Football at grassroots level Launch grassroots programmes across the country in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

Encourage formation of junior clubs and academies in all corners of the country. Revive the Goal Project and its vision of adopt a school policy for football clubs.

2-National Association of Primary and Secondary School Heads

All previous Zifa boards have failed dismally to give equal sporting opportunities to the young children attending primary school in Zimbabwe. Talent identification and youth development programmes should start at primary level.

3-Tertiary institutions

Sport should be introduced as an examinable subject in Zimbabwe’s primary and secondary schools. The tertiary institutions should be Zifa’s conduit for development and should produce instructors for sport medicine, referees, coaches and administrators

4-Players Union

Players are the life of the association, their welfare and well being are of paramount importance.

5-Area Zones and Districts

For anyone to become an accomplished national football players, coach, referee and administrator or for one to occupy a position at the apex of the national association one has to go through the mill, ie junior league, area zones and district structures

6-Provincial level

Implement the four year development plan that Zimunya has for the association: youth, technical, executive and product positioning.

7-Regional level

Define clear objectives and monitor the development of the region’s top class football.

8-Premier Soccer League

The PSL should constantly review its objectives and adjust to conform and meet football’s changing environment globally. The PSL should play its role in providing financial and material support for the national association’s development programmes. A development trust fund should be established.

9- National level

To improve the fortunes and performances of our national teams we must ensure that the district, provincial, regional and the PSL select sides are put in place. These sides must play the national select sides from Under 12, 14, 16, 17, 20 and the senior national teams.

10-Management level

Ensure a fair share of leadership within the Zifa structures, meetings between Zifa General Assembly, regional boards, provincial boards and district boards take place at least four times a year, establish a policy for financial and marketing plans, establish provincial football schools of excellence and establish a national centre of excellence at the Zifa Village.

On the technical development programme, Zimunya is targeting 96 senior coaches, 18 000 coaches for primary schools and 4 100 for secondary schools. He wants a technical director, senior national team coach, four regional coaches, 10 provincial coaches and 80 district coaches.

His total budget for the technical development programme, which training equipment, vehicles, communication and salaries comes to $11 576 900.

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