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ZimRights to challenge inputs distribution


Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights), an alliance of non-governmental organisations to campaign for human rights, said it would mount a constitutional challenge on partisan distribution of agricultural inputs by government.


Over recent years, government has been distributing inputs under the name Presidential Input Scheme which is supposed to reach everyone, particularly the rural farming communities, but concerns have been raised that only Zanu PF supporters were accessing the aid.

ZimRights says after recently investigating how the inputs had been distributed to villagers in Mutasa, they resolved to take the matter to the constitutional court claiming the distribution was highly unfair and was marred by discrimination along political party lines.

“As ZimRights we have received several reports particularly from Mutasa district of the partisan distribution of government inputs which is spearheaded by Zanu PF chairpersons who have allegedly ousted village heads and councillors from the distribution of inputs,” said Passmore Nyakureba who is the regional council chairperson for Manicaland.

“As an organisation we are not taking the matter lightly as doing so will be an abdication of our main duties to promote and protect human rights.

He added: “No citizen deserves to be discriminated on the basis of his or her political orientation. In any case this is government inputs secured from proceeds of taxes paid by Zimbabweans regardless of their political affiliation.

“Therefore, we have launched our own investigations into the allegation and indeed the investigations have so far confirmed such practices in areas like ward 16 of Mutasa district where gatherings of input distribution are held under the auspices of Zanu PF gatherings with villagers coming there dressed in Zanu PF regalia and chanting Zanu PF slogans,” said Nyakureba.

He added, “Ultimately our goal is not just to investigate, find out and expose the rot but to seek legal remedies for those villagers. Our legal department is running full throttle with the matter and see it to that such mal-practices are brought to a halt,” threatened Nyakureba.

Investigations by ZimRigths were done in Mutasa Central where the legislator is Trevor Saruwaka from MDC-T. Saruwaka has been on record complaining against partisan distribution of the inputs where the majority of MDC-T supporters were discriminated against.

Saruwaka told NewsDay: “This year we have also witnessed a repeat of last year where ZanuPF individuals are now running the show with the blessings of the District Administrator.”

“The name of the scheme should be changed from saying the Presidential Input Scheme to government input scheme because it is sponsored by the treasury. That is where the confusion with ZanuPF members is emanating from and I think the change of name will put the record straight,” said Saruwaka.

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