Zimbabwe receives $270m from EU

Zimbabwe has received a shot in the arm from the European Union which has provided $270 million to develop of governance structures, health and the agriculture sectors under the National Indicative Programme (NIP).

The grant followed the revision of the EU sanctions regime in November to pave the way for direct engagement between government and the key funding bloc.

EU the Head of the Delegation to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Philippe Van Damme, at the signing ceremony in Harare this Monday, said the bloc wanted government to formulate a clear political dialogue policy.

“We have made an important step in our cooperation with Zimbabwe. We look forward to work in all the strategic and important areas covered by this National Indicative Programme, with the aim to foster the political and economic reforms Zimbabwe is undertaking. A fruitful political and policy dialogue should underpin our cooperation.”

Finance and Economic Development Secretary Willard Manungo said the grant would complement government’s efforts to provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic empowerment and social transformation to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Government remains committed to full re-engagement with the EU and, in particular, to the successful implementation of the 11th EDF,” he said.

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  1. Think sanctions have achieved their goal.

  2. I am a Zim who wants to see Zim prosper but that doesn’t make me blind to the realities of the politics of the day. Funds from any quarters of the globe are welcome but I think we also need personnel to accompany these funds and see to it they are put to the intended use. Our country has no accountability and no one is brought to justice especially the elite who do more damage so lets not tempt fate. If funds are meant for Zims, only a certain portion with affiliations benefit from it at the expense of the populace.

  3. up to I looked at the paycheck for $7539 , I be certain …that…my brother woz actualey earning money in there spare time at there labtop. . there mums best friend haz done this less than twenty two months and by now repayed the mortgage on there appartment and got a new Smart ForTwo . you could look here………..w­­w­­w.J­­o­­bsy­­e­­l­­p.c­­o­­m

  4. Now sadaka to get a slice of this money..in any case why does ZANUPF Communist Government accept money from enemies of the state…desperation

  5. Where should they accept money from? i wish if the country could get more money and create jobs for the youths. Every African country gets donations including South Africa despite its poor human rights record from uniformed forces. I am not supporting corruption by the ruling party though. But as a Zimbabwean staying abroad, i know how important it is to have a home that is free from strife. I wish my country well and hope that one day those corrupt individuals and institutes will be no more.

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