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Woman demands answers from hospital over hubby’s death


A WOMAN whose husband died after Harare Central Hospital allegedly administered “wrong” blood during a blood transfusion is demanding answers from the health institution.


Through her lawyers, Sereshitina Ailfandika said she had not been told of the outcome of investigations into the death of his husband, Peter Mutemajeri, in February last year.

“The death of Mutemajeri has had devastating effects on our client who lost the sole breadwinner of her family,” the letter from her lawyer reads.

“The deceased’s right to life, as guaranteed in the Constitution, appears to have been infringed upon and our client’s constitutional rights have also, in the process been violated. In the premise, we hold strict instructions to demand from you, as we hereby do, release of the findings of the said investigations into our client’s hands no later than seven working days from the delivery of this letter.”

They lawyers said they would take the matter to court if they are not furnished with the findings of the investigation.

“Findings from the investigation are yet to be availed to our client in spite of efforts to acquire the same,” the letter reads.

Mutemajeri died at Harare Central Hospital on February 5 last year and his death was said to have been caused by the infusion of wrong group blood allegedly cross- matched by a student who was on attachment at the National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ).

The hospital last year confirmed the incident and told NewsDay that authorities and officials from the NBSZ were undertaking investigations into the matter.

The patient had a kidney problem and Harare Central Hospital has liaised with the NBSZ to investigate the matter as a standard case of adverse reaction during or following a blood transfusion.

The transfusion was stopped as soon as the patient reacted, but it was too late.

Harare Central Hospital said they were investigating whether the correct procedure was followed that is if the patient was given the blood cross-matched for him and that the correct procedure was timeously followed when an adverse reaction was first noted.

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