Tsvangirai pledges to assist Chitungwiza

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday pledged to help Chitungwiza Municipality mobilise the $4,5 million required to improve services delivery, particularly refurbishment of the sewage treatment plant.


Speaking during a tour of the sprawling town where he interacted with residents, Tsvangirai said his party’s local government department would help in mobilising the resources.

He also castigated the Zanu PF government’s “populist” decision to write off residents’ rates arrears in the run-up to the 2013 general elections, saying the directive had left many MDC-T-run councils financially crippled.

Chitungwiza mayor Philip Mutoti told Tsvangirai that the council was in financial dire straits as its monthly revenue was far below its net salary bill.

“We are facing a bleak financial predicament in this town as we collect a gross $900 000 per month against a salary bill of $1,5 million, meaning we are left with nothing for service delivery,” Mutoti said. The council has over the last six months been battling to reduce its wage bill through making certain posts redundant.

The council is also working on a new 15 000 housing development plan at Nyatsime, but the project is being hampered by Zanu PF youths and land barons who are unlawfully parcelling out stands to party functionaries without council approval.

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  1. Mutoti..the council is collecting $900 000 against a wage bill of $1.5 million, leaving you with nothing for service delivery???? So tell us, where is this $900 000 going? You have not paid yur employees for the past 22 months, and yet service delivery is pathetic.. saka mari yamuri ku collector iri kudyiwa naani…Inga mabuda pachena neuori hwenyu

  2. Assuming that Chitungwiza council employs a whooping 1500 people at an average salary of $400, they should still remain with $300k from the 900k which they collect monthly.

  3. Tsvangirai ngaatinyararire apa. The cancellation of people’s debts alleviated a burden for the people. Yes at the expense of the councils. But dont castigate the cancellation of people debts coz your own debt to the RBZ was cancelled and did you complain? Did you castigate zanu pf for cancelling your debt? Lead by example dont just spill political bull when it suits you

    1. You dont just cancel debts, but should have sought ways to pay the debt on behalf of the people. If the debts were services rendered, then somebody should pay for those. Chombo should have sought money for debt relief, not employing a populist directive. The fact that, the debt was meant to pay for services, then there was no cancellation, but diversion to perpertual bankruptcy of trhe Councils. i am not saying the Councils are saints, but Chombo’s decision is not rationale.

  4. He is not going to do anything, Save is not going to lure any donor, no donor will listen to him. Ishiri ine muririre wayo. Council must find a its way out, not to wait for this sweet talk by Save.

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