Tsvangirai denies dipping into RBZ funds

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday denied accusations by Zanu PF legislators linking him to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s controversial $1,35 billion debt.


Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka described as “preposterous and defamatory” claims by Marondera East MP Jeremiah Chiwetu (Zanu PF) that the MDC leader received $3 million from RBZ to buy his Highlands mansion.

“This is a desperate attempt to equalise the doyen of the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe with those who benefited from the quasi-fiscal activities of the RBZ that included the provision of tractors, scotch-carts and farming inputs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai’s continued stay in the government house allocated to him during his tenure as Prime Minister has caused serious divisions within the main opposition party with some party members saying he should vacate the mansion as it was compromising his integrity.

This comes as Zanu PF legislators are pushing for Tsvangirai to pay back the $1,5 million he got from RBZ to acquire the house, located at number 49 Kew Drive in Highlands, Harare.

Several MDC-T supporters yesterday said Zanu PF hawks were capitalising on Tsvangirai’s continued stay at the mansion to attack the opposition and accuse its leaders of corruption.

“We have to raise it with him to move to another house. Zanu PF is using that as a weapon to fight him politically and we have to make him see the effects of his continued stay there. Our mission and objective is to fight and win against Zanu PF and in the process, we have to see that he is as clean as possible,” said a senior MDC-T official who declined to be named.

“It is compromising him and we can’t afford to give Zanu PF ammunition to divert us from our objective. He has to move out,” said the official.

But MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu challenged party members calling for Tsvangirai to vacate the house to stop speaking in “hushed tones” insisting his stay in Highlands was transparent.

“It is above board. Some people want to inflict damage where it’s not due. It was purchased because (President Robert) Mugabe refused to let Tsvangirai use the other State House. He is in that house not out of Mugabe’s benevolence. He was entitled to that,” Gutu said. “That is a State property and it’s not registered in his name because ownership is not finalised. He used his own money $400 000 as a deposit before government paid a top-up amount. He is saying we can’t have the issue hanging and it’s not only him, but other former ministers and deputy ministers who have issues that have to be finalised,” he said.

Gutu added: “If there are people who are saying that, they should come forward, it doesn’t help to have a party member who goes to speak in hushed tones. This is what we expect as democrats.”


  1. Tsvangirai is a citizen of Zimbabwe and his stay in that government house must no be any issue. What you must know is that a governement house is not zanu pf property or Mugabe’s property. So there is nothing wrong about him staying in a government mansion. Those who think its not quite fitting for him to stay in that house because it derails democracy are very crazy. What does a house have something to do with democracy or the change agenda. And above all that house isnt for zanupf or anyone period. Booooooooooooooooooooooooom.

    1. Thumps up The Attomic nice and intelligent contribution.

  2. Something is amiss about the acquisition of that property. If Morgan claims to be waiting for finalisation to acquire it when it was paid for by government funds, then he should pay back the RBZ and keep the property. If the government insists the property is government owned then they should pay him back his deposit. Morgan should not capitalise on corrupt practices if he claims to be democrat, what he did is not what is done in a democracy. When you hold a high office is either you live in state property which you vacate at the end of your term or you live in your own house and the state pays the running expenses until the end of your office term. So which is which for Morgan? How much of this fraudulent behavior is he going to cover up once he is elected to a higher office? What then makes him different from what we are trying to rid of in Zanu?

  3. This is a guy who tried to ban whatsapp and other social media. Stupid.

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  5. vaimbova vakadzi vaMugabe vava vaGrace. Vana Munangagwa munoiswa naGrace muchiumburudzwa rough! ….mhai! mhai!…. nxa! muri zvireshe chaizvo!

  6. Tsvangirai is a former prime minister who deserves to stay in that government house. He leads the most popular party in Zim and the one that won elections since year 2000. We support him. He must stay in the government house. Its registered as a govt house, not Tsvangirai’s house or zanu pf house.
    Garaimo save. ndimi president chaiye wakahwinha. kwete zveNikuv izvo.

  7. If the house is a government house then on what basis is Morgan staying in it? What branch of government is he in? Being a shadow prime minister does not count as a position. In that case, when President Mugabe leaves office will he stay in state house? When Ian Smith left government did he stay in the statehouse? hatingati munhu aita one term lives in a state property for life. what implications does that have for our democracy?

    1. No democracy mate, its substituting a dictator with another.

  8. Its not clear here why Tsvangirai is still occupying government property . This issue will cost him many supporters including myself. Remember his dictotarial and greed tendency has costed him a lot .

  9. There is no difference with ZANU PF. kurambira panyanga kurambira muimba ye hurumende …its ZANU culture

  10. In think he should move out because our “Women’s Affairs” department needs it for its special “affairs”.

  11. akabuda munoiswa ani, if you read the statement well he bought the ground for 400k ,meaning he owns the house,as goverment just released the amount without due diligence as to who owns the property/ground upon which the goverment was to build the mansion,they just said aaaah leave it its an mdc issue ,so it seems they built morgan a house .and they claim morgan to be dumb..honai manje

  12. Cuthbert Dube earned enough money in a single year to buy many ‘highlands mansions’ frm civil servants funds yet nothing was ever done to him. Why shld Tsvangirai be the devil

  13. Those who are saying Tsvangirai must not stay in the gvt mansion are wrong 1. Tsvangirai is pensioneer a former elected Prime Minister who won the election and was hoodwinked to fall for Prime Minister because hes a peacemaker he Chose peace over Presidency. Tsvangirai is entitled to state accomodation as a Senior pensionerr even Smith akapiwa accomodation 1980.. Joyce ..Musika Widow vese that is a package ya Prime Minister . nemota dzake namapurisa anomuchengeta nema CIO zvese. The RBZ is a state banker who pays for all gvt acquistions kana iwe wakaita minister nhasi mota yako inotengwa via RBZ. So siyai morgan agare akasununguka hes a leader Hes in History books nt a mere Mp or Minister.History wil remember him as a guy who chose peace and tranqulity over self actaulisation

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