Social media meme reaction to Mugabe’s fall

Despite early attempts to stifle the distribution of the images showing President Robert Mugabe falling, ‘the witness is running away with the story’, as American journalist and professor Jeff Jarvis said years back.

Minutes after the soon-to-be 91 year old president fell while stepping down the podium at Harare International Airport, social media- with its faster-than-light speed- was flooded with images of the incident.

But as has become a norm, such a trending issue never goes without memes and other forms of caricature.
We present you with the photoshopped moments of Mugabe’s fall.

fall 1

fall 2

fall 3

fall 4

fall 5

fall 6

fall 8

fall 9

fall 10

fall 11

mugabe meme

mugabe meme3

mugabe meme 2 (1)

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    1. Mugabe didn’t fall – in medical terms he experienced a severe gravitational challenge on his perambulatory disposition.

      1. Yes, this gravitational challenge is very common amongst nonagenarians.

  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..chihombori aseka hake ayas

  2. Blazo agemuka nekukwegura! Kwaaaaaaakwest!

    1. Ngatinyarane imi vanhu imi. Hapana chinosetsa apa… President munhu mukuru, vamwe kungowawata nekuti painternet pamunorakidza hunhu hwenyu chaihwo. Put your parent or elder in the same position. Munaziva zvekuseka nekuti vamwe venyu muchapembedza nekuuchira vachakubhinyirayi vanyarikani venyu.

      1. Zvekubhinya zvapinda papi? Chema kana uchida. Akabata mbeva chete!

  3. If you look carefully, that guy Mushohwe standing next to Bimha, the one with the dark shades, is actually suppressing a laugh. Manje usakaseka unogona kuzvisurira kana kutoseta. Kikikikikikikikikikikikiki…..

  4. Hilarious.It is best production by Newsday.Lets have one more chasing Joyce Mujuru.

  5. Those who know their history will tell you that on 10 November 1982 the body of Leonid Brezhnev a former leader of the USSR fell from the coffin twice before his burial. Historians argue that this symbolised the fall of Communism which finally took place in 1991. Could the fall of the supreme leader President Mugabe yesterday symbolise the fall of the revolutionary party? Only time will judge.

  6. 1982 to 1991 is 9 years.. by your reasoning.,.Mugabe will fall 9 years from now, he will be 100 then . I love your Brezhnev theory already

  7. leaders are appointed by God, and why do you make a fool out of our (incl you) head of state and government . the full wrath of the law should be faced by those who disrespect the president to these unprecedented levels.

    1. One big lie, not all leaders are elected by God, if what you are saying is true then God elected Hitler and Mussolini who massacred His very own people, its about time people esp ignorant Christians stop this nonsense.

    2. In Zimbabwe leaders are anointed by Nikuv, shamwari.

    3. It is also the same God who makes them fall, to keep them in check! Weep if you want, you can’t stop people from laughing. God makes us laugh or cry…

  8. I find it difficult to laugh! I am pained when a man I used to respect so much is now being abused by a careless generation which, in faked love, would love Mugabe to continue in power so that they plunder the country’s resources. We should allow the man to rest please. He is/was good, yes, but there is no successful leadership without a successor. Now Africa have joined the band-wagon of abusing an old man for nefarious ends. I say if he is that good, why don’t you learn from him instead of putting a perpetual yoke on his shoulders. You don’t really love Mugabe. In fact you want him dead yesterday.

  9. Iyo! Awa!

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  11. l do not like this disrespect for Our President. When the West resumes to plunder our resources once he is gone, you will wish he had lived one more day. Who among all you comentetors has not triped and fallen before? Were is ubuntu? where is your Christianity ?

    1. @Realist, our ubuntu/hunhu is in the same place where Bob’s went after condoning, encouraging and pardoning murder and theft for 35 years

  12. Ndiani akati kana waa president haucha piringishwa ukadonha,chii chanyanyo shamisira ipapo vamwe vanhu vanoshaya zvekutaura,muchanozvitongerwa naMwari coz bible says respect those in authority

    1. Respect is earned not forced or threatened zvauri kuita izvi.

  13. He fell that’s all , no one will make me believe otherwise, whether its Zanu Pf or who no one, Mugabe fell because he is not God, if there are others out there who thought that one could defy age please think again. Zanu PF can come up will all the theories they like who cares , Mugabe fell that’s all that matters. if they have to blame someone or something just blame nature because whether you like it or not his age is advanced, or it is a sign of negligence from those who are with him now for not being at his side always, that is why Grace is always very close by her husband all the time because she anticipates this all the time, unfortunately now she was not around to react quickly when the impossible happened. We are not happy that this happens what we are simply saying is that the man is old and there is no reason to come up with conspiracy theories, why is it difficult to just understand this. Accept that he is old that’s all

  14. @Realist et al. We lost our ubuntu due to this ‘fallen hero’s’ misrule. We now live very degrading lives. Besides this ‘fallen hero’ tought us how to disrespect other people. Still remember how he barked at Mutasa at the airport? What goes around comes around.

  15. l hope true believers in Christ Jesus are not contributing to negative comments about such a matter. God have mercy with this generation, they know not what they are doing.

    1. Waziva sei kuti which generation is contributing pa forum ino?

  16. Chii chinosekesa pakudonha kweMukuru venyika. Ndiko kushaya hunhu ikoko. Vamwe maitoda kuti vagwadame zvachose asi mwari anesimba. Shame on you Madzimbahwe.

    1. Hacha Ndizvo Dr

      Iwe rega tiseke. Kana iwe usina setswa bva chichemaka. Ndiyani angarega kuseka kana mhandu yake yadonha.

    2. Mukuru wacho haana respect yevamwe, that’s why.

  17. CHinosekesa pakuwa kwemukweguru uyu kurambira papower kwaanoita achiti anoda kutonga nyika iye oita 100 yrs kudai.Age yake ndeyekutamba nevazukuru kumusha achidya zviwitsi manje kudonha kurikusekesa pakuti anoda kuzviita chimupfana iye aparara kudai.Dai akadonha ari paOld people’s home uye asingarimbire pakutonga nyika iye apera kudai ,hapana aimbomuseka.Tinavo vakweguru kumamisha but vakadonha hatiseki nekuti havana hupenyu hwevanhu vavarikuomesera nekugara papower.Tichanatsa kuseka afa.Some of us have no apologies at all for this old moron who has caused Zimbabwe to be a laughing stock among other nations. To hell with his authority!To hell with his perceived ordination by God because for all we know he has been rigging elections all along unless we say God loves those who rig and use violence against others!Shame shame on you Mugabe! Nature will always take its course whether you somebody likes it or not!

  18. aaah ini ndaspakwa zvangu. sando dzenyu mese maeditors. You made me feel good and am joining the rest who are feeling the same i am. ndinoda kumhanyisa mac10 akaregera mdra vachidonha.kkkkk ayas

  19. yes i agree that christian should wait on GOD to revenge for them, for vengence is fo the LORD. however when some of us comment on some of this we are telling robert we love him and he should be careful about what he is doing. i see some christians who would have enjoyed it when it has happened to morgan but are angry when people comment about robert. robert has ruled so bad that he has even caused christians to sin . he has pushed them too far. of cause i am not justifying them when they do silly thing like bad comments etc, all i am saying without judging is that robert should be careful that he does not invite God’s wrath by carefully listening especially to non man pleasing prophets of God

  20. Ichokwadi ini ndakatosuwa .Asi chinondifadza ndechekuti vabuda pachena nlkuti uri kuseka nokuti haungaregi kuseka mhandu yako yadonha.Suit. yourself. Remekedzai vabereki amana.

  21. Hanzi gudo guru peta muswe kuti vapwere vakutye. Zvino iri gudo haripete muswe. Manje rakapetwa muswe this time. Paakatukira Didymus ndipo paakadonhera. Basa rekutuka vamwe. Don’t bring God into this. He was not chosen by God nor was he chosen by the majority of this country.

  22. Mugabe is a politician and politicians are loved, hated, ridiculed and spoken about.
    What you are saying is lets treat a politician like a pope or god.

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