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Slideshow: Despair after Tokwe-Mukorsi floods


The completion of the country’s biggest inland water reservoir- the Tokwe-Mukorsi dam- saw heavy rains leading to a partial collapse of the dam wall resulting in flooding. Over 1500 families lost their livelihoods.

Efforts by government to intervene were not adequate and timeous leading to many victims that included woman and children exposed to hunger and diseases.

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The victims of the floods who were later relocated at Chingwizi camp far away from their ancestral home, poverty became their daily bread. This was not only because of an absence to income and assets-such as land, shelter, and food but also the life of powerlessness, dependency, and vulnerability.

Historians of migration have concluded that the costs of population relocation generally go much beyond economic costs but also the severing of personal ties in unfamiliar surroundings, to face new economic and social uncertainties in a strange land.

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