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Sakala to release new DVD


DENDERA music exponent Richard Sakala seems to be the reincarnated voice of the late founder of dendera music Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu who passed on in 2005, which was coincidentally the same year that Sakala released his first album titled Ndinorevesa-Be Mine.

Tinashe Sibanda
Entertainment Reporter

The talented musician, who happens to be the late legend’s nephew, is currently in the studio working on a six-track DVD of his recent comeback album titled Together–Pamwe Chete.

He admits that a lot of people often times express shock as well as commend him for how he has been able to accurately follow in his uncle’s footprints and he is happy to be likened to someone whom he considered a big influence to his musical career.

“Although there is so much similarity between my uncle’s music and mine, I would love to make a name for myself without riding on his fame,” Sakala said.

He said his music was entirely original in that he had composed all of his songs, believing that there was, however, nothing wrong with maintaining the family genre in the honour of his late uncle.

Besides his late father Bedson, who was also a musician in his own right, he was Simon Chimbetu’s brother-in-law whose music inspiration also rubbed off onto his son, Richard.

The famous uncle, Simon, was also the founder of dendera music which has been carried on by the likes of other Chimbetu musicians, among them Naison, Allan, Sulu, Douglas and Tryson.

“On my next project, I am hoping to feature Sulu, Allan, Tryson and Douglas because to me, besides the music, it is important to stick together as a family,” Sakala said.

His music has been receiving favourable airplay on a number of national radio stations and Sakala said he would continue with the originality of his lyrics although his late uncle Simon and father where great sources of inspiration to his becoming a dendera artiste

Sakala’s previous albums include Get Ready (2000), Varegerei (2003), Ndinorevesa–Be Mine (2005), Kurauone (2007) and Village (2009).
However, the Chimbetus and dendera music have maintained ongoing relationships over the years and across the country, the genre is closed associated with them.

Sakala started singing when his uncle was still alive and he said that he encouraged him to continue working hard as he was happy with it, thus the release of the album Ndinorevesa-Be Mine in 2005, which was also the year his uncle passed on.

He said he vividly remembered how his uncle Simon had come to visit their family and he was impressed with the track Be Mine that he requested for a replay because he enjoyed it.

“No wonder the song did well. He was certainly a man who knew and appreciated good music and to have had the opportunity to be encouraged by him meant so much to me. That’s why I never gave up on music although there were times I felt like it,” Sakala said.

He has already started preparing for live performances and says people should expect to see him perform live shows soon.

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