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Rev Tititi Moyo assaults journalists


KWEKWE — Leader of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Revelation, Rev Isaac Tititi Moyo, and a group of his followers yesterday assaulted NewsDay reporter, Blessed Mhlanga and three other journalists from the public media at his Broader Town Complex restaurant in Kwekwe accusing them of taking his pictures without permission.


Mhlanga, together with ZBC Midlands bureau chief Jackie Gwemende and her cameraperson Dzikamai Mandizvidza and Munyaradzi Musiyiwa of The Herald had gone to interview Rev Moyo on allegations the clergyman was harassing neighbours at his Sherwood Farm.

But police said they would charge the journalists with disorderly conduct for taking pictures, while Rev Moyo and his followers would face assault charges.

In December over 100 villagers gathered at Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Precab Farm demanding that Moyo be evicted from his farm accusing him of being cruel to his neighbours and their livestock. Mnangagwa is also Moyo’s neighbour.

Moyo had earlier told the journalists that he did not speak to the media but only to God. ‘I am a Reverend who does not speak to the media but speak directly to God. I don’t talk to ZBC, there are a lot of things which are happening around here which should occupy you,” he said.

As the journalists left, the ZBC cameraman started filming outside the complex before Moyo stormed out demanding that he stops filming. It was at that point that a group of his followers who were seated outside the building ran towards the ZBC cameraman with one of them grabbing him by the belt while the others tried to wrest the camera from him.

Moyo then got closer and started hurling insults at Mandizvidza accusing him of having been sent by his detractors. As he spoke, the followers got agitated and continued to pull the cameraman.
During the scuffle Mhlanga started taking pictures incurring the anger of the followers and Moyo. Four heavily-built Moyo followers pulled Mhlanga while they attempted to grab his iPad which he was using to take the pictures.

They also tried to take Gwemende’s phone which she was also using to take pictures of the scuffle.

Restaurant staff moved in and hurled insults at the journalists accusing them of trying to soil the name of “God’s man”.
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