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The return of Taso


Afro pop musician Shepherd Kunodziya, affectionately known as Taso, has resurrected from nine years of career oblivion with the release of a new DVD album last week.


Taso, who last released an album in 2006, has come back with a bang after releasing a seven-track musical video album titled Wakanga Wanzwei.

He says he had been based in South Africa where he lived from 2008 to 2011.

The Tovaka MaZimbabwe hitmaker said he started working on the new album in July last year, but could not release it before end of 2014 as he had intended.

“What drove me to record this album was that people were saying my music career was over. So this new album is a response to the people who were denigrating me,” Taso said.

He said the album was so far receiving fair airplay on local radio stations.

Taso made an indelible mark on the Zimbabwean musical arena after releasing Tovaka MaZimbabwe and Kurova Vana, which were widely played on the music show Ezomghidho on ZTV.

He said he would deliver his new video to ZTV next week.

Some of the songs featured in the new video include Build Zimbabwe, Wandirovesa, Come to Me and Ndogara Ndichikufunga, among others.

On Build Zimbabwe, the Panstula singer said he was encouraging Zimbabweans to work together to enhance social cohesion and national development.

This is Taso’s 10th album. He had nine albums: Taso Dances With You (1996), Taso Gets Dangerous (1997), To Be More Dangerous (1998), Taso Comes to Town (1999), Dance to The Northern Style (2000), Tingachembedzana Sei (2001), More Explosive Hits (2002), Handichava Muranda (2004) and The Return of Taso (2006).

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