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No other party will surpass Zanu PF: SK Moyo


ZANU PF yesterday said no party would surpass its “impeccable” record in this “lifetime” as it had managed to lure investors from different countries and was in the process of implementing its economic blueprint well without hindrance from MDC-T and its “ghost analysts”.


Despite evidence on the ground showing breakdown of the economy, loss of jobs and high rate of unemployment caused mainly by Zanu PF misrule, party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday put a brave face saying the party was in the right path to economic recovery.

“The Zanu PF-led government led by President Robert Mugabe is making remarkable progress in its quest to accelerate the implementation of ZimAsset and this is despite the continued existence of sanctions and the futile attempts by the opposition and its ghost economic analysts to suggest otherwise,” Khaya Moyo said.

He was responding to analysts, MDC-T officials and ordinary people who were attacking the ruling party for failing to address a myriad of challenges facing the country.

“Many fair-minded people, including genuine economic analysts, seem to share our view that President Mugabe’s government has taken bold economic steps in the right direction,” Khaya Moyo said.

He said it was refreshing that investors from Russia, China and Britain were flocking into the country pledging huge sums of money which he said would go a long way in implementing the Zanu PF economic blueprint.

Khaya Moyo went on to attack the MDC-T for its failure to articulate on its policies, hence their loss to Zanu PF in all elections.
“And it is a record we are proud of as a party. No other party in Zimbabwe, we do not mean this as an exaggeration, will be able to surpass Zanu PF’s extraordinary record in this lifetime,” Khaya Moyo said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu agreed with Khaya Moyo saying that given the amount of rot they have brought to the country, no one would surpass the damage Zanu PF has brought.

“We perfectly agree with Simon Khaya Moyo that no other political party will ever match Zanu PF’s record of corruption, misgovernance, thievery and lack of proper planning. The country’s economy is in the intensive care unit. How pathetic? They need help, urgently,” he said.

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