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I need God’s strength – Mhere


GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere has faced the scariest part of his musical career that has seen him lose a brother and be a victim of his wife’s alleged infidelity.


He had to face the pressure of burying his brother and handling his wife Susan Dzinamarira’s case and at the same time the media that was awash with leaked chats of his wife’s intimate discussions with a friend, Gift Mahlupeka.

The chats, according to Mhere, were leaked by a family member against his will as he was too disoriented to handle more than what was on his plate.

Mhere admits the media has left him a distraught man.The Favour singer on Wednesday emotionally opened up to NewsDay saying God has been giving him the strength he needs to deal with the mess that has been widely publicised with several versions that put him as an accomplice in a bid to market his latest offering, Glory to Glory, that hit the market recently.

He conceded he had failed to amicably deal with his issues behind the media’s prying eyes.

“I could have done better, but when something like that happens you do not know what to do. This is about my family. There are a lot of people that I have to protect and I failed to do so because I overreacted,” he said.

“I thought I was doing the right thing when I gave our relatives the proof, but they leaked it to the media. It so happened that when it was leaked to the media I was mourning my brother whom I had been staying with.”

Mhere refuted allegations that he was called by the police where he conceded that he had fabricated the infidelity case.

He, however, said he would not divulge the status of his relationship with his wife after the scandal, but would wait for the family to settle the matter.

“We are sitting down as a family dealing with the issue and I cannot say anything more as it will jeopardise the deliberations,” he said.

Mhere however played out a telephone recording that was on his wife’s phone of a conversation that she had with Mahlupeka on November 11 2014 where the latter was begging her to delete all their WhatsApp chats.

A lot has been said about Mhere and Susan’s marital problems after the leaking of WhatsApp messages alleging the latter was cheating with her husband’s friend Mahlupeka.

Of interest is how people were interpreting and debating about a song called Rimwe Ramazuva on Mhere’s latest offering Glory To Glory which many are linking to the ongoing saga between the musician and his spouse.

Some theories are suggesting that the musician somehow knew that his wife was cheating way back hence penning the song for her.

Interestingly, the song addresses the dishonesty issue encouraging men to forgive their spouses if found in such a mess.

However, the youthful artist cleared the air on the song saying it had been in the archives until this year when he recorded it.

“I penned the song Rimwe Ramazuva in 2009 and it has nothing to do with my marriage saga, it is just a coincidence with people trying to link it with the current situation,” Mhere said.

“The song failed to be on the previous albums because it had a similar beat with the song Chipostora, but I knew one day it would be on the market.”

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