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Ndlovu elected new Highlanders secretary


EMMETT Ndlovu was voted new Highlanders executive committee secretary at the team’s clubhouse yesterday taking over from Andrew Tapela.
Peter Dube was declared chairman for another term after he went in unchallenged.


The former Bosso physiotherapist and manager Ndlovu emphatically bounced back to the Highlanders fold with 111 votes shrugging off challenge from social entrepreneur Innocent Batsani Ncube who picked up 51.

Njabulo Bango got 27, Donald Ndebele 26 while Pilate Mahlangu got only 13 votes. Only one vote was spoilt out of the 229 members that cast their ballots, a far outcry from the more than 300 that attended the club’s annual general meeting last Sunday.

Committee member under former chairman Themba Ndlela, Wisdom Mabhena bounced back to the same position garnering 96 votes trouncing outgoing committee member Charles Moyo who picked up 57 votes while Faith Silandulo Dube got 44 with Cleopas Ngano getting 32. Ndlovu was ecstatic about winning the election saying it was not about him, but it was about serving Highlanders.

“First and foremost the most important thing as far as I am concerned, it is the Highlanders people who elected me into office and I owe it to the Highlanders people. This institution has to move from one level to the other. I have to add value to the system, to this mighty institution. It is not about me having won the election, but it is about the mission statement for Highlanders,” Ndlovu said.

In the run-up to the elections, Ndlovu did not do much of any campaigning and did not put up a manifesto, but emerged the outright winner to the folio for the next three years.

“I did not have to write any manifesto because these manifestos will be gathering dust when someone has won the election. For me, the most important thing was I already knew that there is a chairman who is already in the office, who has already got a vision and I will come in and support him run with the vision. In most instances you want to come in with your own ideas devoid of what the system wants. As far as I know the Highlanders that we have has since 2006 crafted a well-documented strategic plan, which should be put to action,” he said.

Mabhena, who tried his luck as vice-chairman in 2012 and lost to incumbent Mgcini Sibhalo Mpofu, whose term expires next year, said he will work with everyone who is a stakeholder at Highlanders.

He said his first port of call was to ensure team security. Dube, unopposed following the disqualification of Ernest Sibanda by the nomination court said Highlanders’ objective was to ensure that as an executive committee, they work together in line with the vision of the club.

“I haven’t sat down with my new colleagues in the executive, but I want to believe that my wishes and hopes must be similar to those of my colleagues. But let me say more after we have sat down and decided what it is that we would want done for this big club. I can assure you that it is not outside the scope of which these members you have seen gather here for these past two weekends wish.

“We certainly can’t work outside their wishes but all we can do is to pay attention to what we come across daily and implement everything with the vision that the club and its members have. I am happy with what has happened in the past. Like I said before the biggest dent and setback was the last three months of last season in terms of setting your sights high. Before the season ended we realised that we were not in contention anymore (league title).

If in three years we lost it in only three months there must be work that is being done every day. The most important thing is trying to arrest those problems that resulted in that instance,” he said.

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