Mutasa vows to contest by-election as Zanu PF

EXPELLED former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa yesterday vowed to defend his Headlands parliamentary seat in a by-election which he said he would contest on the ruling party ticket, a development likely to rekindle the party’s factional fights.


This came amid reports that the Zanu PF axe was also hovering over the party’s national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo’s head following his alleged continued association with the “Gamatox” faction fronted by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

Mutasa — who was fired from Zanu PF last week for publicly denouncing the party’s December congress — said he still regarded himself a bona fide party member and would contest any by-election in his constituency under the party’s banner.

“Yes, I shall contest. I do not want to let my members down,” the former Presidential Affairs minister said. “I will contest as the original Zanu PF candidate.”

Mutasa was expelled alongside his nephew, Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa, who has since announced plans to contest the constituency by-election as an independent candidate.

President Robert Mugabe’s former close aide was initially relieved of his party and government posts after he described the Zanu PF elective congress held last December as unconstitutional and threatened to file a legal challenge at the High Court seeking nullification of its resolutions.

This angered his erstwhile comrades who urged him to drop the planned court challenge and remain subservient to the party leadership.

But Mutasa maintained his defiance, a stance which led to his expulsion from Zanu PF last week before even appearing before a six-member disciplinary tribunal tasked to handle his case.

Following his expulsion, Mutasa dug in saying no one in the current ruling party hierarchy could sack him as he belonged to the original Zanu PF.

“They are not able to expel me from the original, law-abiding and constitutional Zanu PF, which puts people and the country first,” Mutasa said last week. “That is where I belong and shall happily stay.”

Mutasa and Mliswa’s seats are yet to be declared vacant and Mugabe has not yet proclaimed a by-election date.

Yesterday, party insiders said Khaya Moyo was set to lose his politburo seat as the ongoing purge of all Zanu PF members linked to the Mujuru camp continues.

“Khaya Moyo will be the next to be fired,” a close Zanu PF source said. “He is said to be linked to the Gamatox people and has failed to denounce them in his statements as spokesperson. His plight has been made worse because he is alleged to have been spotted in the company of ousted former Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde. He is also accused of failing to denounce the MDC-T in his statements.”

It is understood that Khaya Moyo could have been axed before or soon after the December congress alongside Mujuru and several other party bigwigs, but survived after he and Defence minister Sidney Sekeramayi “privately” apologised to Mugabe and his wife First Lady Grace.

Zanu PF insiders close to the developments told NewsDay that Khaya Moyo’s reprieve could be shortlived as moves were underway to relieve him of his duties, a week after Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti was fired for working with the Mujuru camp.

“The First Lady wants everyone who was working with Mujuru relieved of his or her duties both in the party and government. Obviously, her wishes will prevail. Khaya Moyo is perceived as one of them and allegations that he was spotted in the company of Kaukonde, the First Lady’s worst enemy, have made his situation most precarious,” the insider said.

Khaya Moyo was said to have been working with Mujuru and was tipped to take over as Vice-President in the event that Mujuru succeeded Mugabe. Efforts to contact him were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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  1. Dont forget the M.P for harare south who happens to be P.C for harare province. He is planting Mujuru people in all districts. Be careful gamatox is serious

  2. chizororai vasekuru .matoharahwa so vamutasa

  3. This big and old gamatox has now become a big bore. You were pushed off the gravy train, now eat vegetables with the rest of us. And most importantly, go ferck yerself…

  4. The glory of these weevils is short lived. No weevil can survive a gamatox dose. Never. The weevils are a minority and can hardly withstand the deadly gamatox. Very soon the weevils camp will disintegrate due to the ‘over purging’ that is taking place.

  5. Aiwa vasekuru,there is no need for a bi election.Muri kunonoka kuita basa.

    You simply need to lodge your papers with the court to declare the new team at ZanuPF that removed you illegal,and therefore you will remain a member of ZanuPF original.The sooner you split and become a genuine faction in terms of the law (if the matter is outstanding in court,you cant be fired).
    Be quick with Zanu PF Renewal.

  6. For once I am starting to support you have nailed it on the head.

  7. Who does he think he is? He fired himself from Zanu, and Zanu does not work in reverse gear!

  8. Hongu vaMutasa contest. It is your right. Kereke did it, Jonso did it, why can’t you did it??kkkk

  9. Garmatox should simply call it quits. He is apparently overestimating his constituent &national popularity. End of day fact of matter is that people like Jono long proved to be far greater party political assets than Garmatox, whose key role over years had been merely that of unproductive rumour machine to the big boss. These are the end time days when only the truth shall prevail. Mudhara has always been innocent. Vaimunyepera vacho including vana Khaya moyo ndivo vaakuzotamba popcorn jive vega. They dont know that their past relevance is now expired & worthless to the rejuvinated Zanu PF of tomorow. Mdhara Bob is too wise to opt for perpetuity of wrong direction, that maintains the relevance of all garmatoxes .

  10. VaMutasa, enlighten me on this “original” PF u always like us to believe its existence. Who leads that party? Who the other members? U are dreaming musharukwa. U were part of that “original” zanu pf that; butchered civilians, ran down the economy, crushed opposition parties. What constitutionalism existed in the “original” PF? Anyway good luck with your court challenge, if ever u will have the guts to challenge the sun! Remember, the court has the right to reserve judgement, ask Morgan. He is still waiting for justice in the 2002 presidential vote challenge. And ironically, that’s tthe “original” PF u belong to!

  11. If indeed he is to proceed and contest as a ZPF candiate, I wonder who, in ZPF, will sign his nomination papers. Unless of course he took with him party stationery and will sign the papers himself. just thinking!!!

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