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Mujuru probe must target all – TIZ


Transparency International-Zimbabwe (TI-Z) has said the investigation of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru over allegations of corruption should not be driven by the desire to settle personal scores and humiliate rivals.


TI-Z chairperson Loughty Dube told NewsDay yesterday that the fight against corruption should be targeted at all those implicated in fraudulent dealings regardless of their position or side they supported.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said although it was not clear whether Mujuru had a case to answer or not, the so-called probe should not focus on her alone, but should target a number of ministers previously implicated in corrupt deals.

This follows reports last week that police were pouncing on directors in ministries that used to be under Mujuru’s charge amid reports that the former second-in-command in the party and country could be arrested anytime soon.

Mujuru’s alleged corrupt activities were mentioned by First Lady Grace Mugabe during her “Meet the People” rallies ahead of the Zanu PF December congress.
But corruption watchdog TI-Z felt the move by Zanu PF and government should be seen to be genuine and not as politics at play.

“We welcome the investigations that are being undertaken. Investigations must focus on everyone suspected of underhand dealings and if government feels people within them or those who used to work for them are investigated, that is indeed welcome,” Dube said.

“Our concern is that the investigations should not be politically motivated and targeted at some members of an organisation. It should be wholesale and everyone suspected of engagement in illicit deals should face the law and not a few members targeted to settle personal political scores. We say not to that,” Dube added.

Gumbo yesterday said all ministers fingered in corruption should be arrested, adding the probe should not be an extension of a protracted campaign against Mujuru.

“What we are aware of is that there are ministers who have been mentioned in the past by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. So if they want to be quick to investigate Mujuru, they can do the same to others,” he said.

“They have to investigate the totality of the Zimbabwe society not her alone. Many ministers have been named in corruption cases. We think the so-called Mujuru investigation is an attempt to continue their smear campaign.”

Several Cabinet ministers, including Transport minister Obert Mpofu and Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, have been named in serious corruption cases, but nothing has happened to them.

Meanwhile, MDC Renewal Team secretary for local government Benison Ntini demanded the immediate resignation of all government ministers, accusing them of either aiding corruption or doing nothing to eradicate the vice.

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