Mugabe fall trends on Twitter across Africa

President Robert Mugabe’s fall at Harare International Airport on Wednesday has attracted so much social media attention that it became a trending topic on Twitter in Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tunisia


According to Trendmaps, an application that maps Twitter trends around the world, the topics Mugabefalls, Mugabe and Uncle Bob have been trending since Wednesday night.


Mugabe’s fall has overshadowed naturally topical issues like The Africa Cup of Nations Soccer tournament currently underway in Equatorial Guinea, the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria and the Ebola disease outbreak.


The soon-to-be 91 year old Mugabe fell while stepping down the podium after addressing hundreds of his supporters on his return from Ethiopia where he was elected chairperson of the African Union.

Journalists, Zanu PF supporters and citizen writers captured the incident on camera.

 South Africa
South Africa

Attempts by state security agents to stifle the distribution of the images by forcing some journalists and individuals to erase their devices were in vain as a few hours later, social media was flooded with photos of the incident.

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  1. Ngaadonhemhani blaz uyu!

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  3. And Jonso has exposed himself to the whole world that he is a liar!

  4. Considering that it is only bona fide zanupf supporters who where at the Airport to see the dear leader it follows these are the same people who have embarrassed him by sending these videos and pictures. So what can we say about ZanuPf supporters, are they genuine or are just there out of fear?

  5. there is nothing sinister about the president falling how many times has some of us tripped this is not news worthy pliz newsday its time you give us news that have something meaningful to contribute to the development of the country. shame on you

  6. Why not? He is the First Gentleman and whatever happens to him has an impact on your life and mine, the markets(will rally for sure)..Even if he sneezes in an odd way, we need to know.

  7. at least it shows kuti zimbaz were in a pressure cooker. the moment it opened hell broke loose. JONA did the opening by denying the obvious. and Zanu is at pains hunting for gamatoxes yet jona is a concentrate of it.

  8. Asina zi 3 litre single malt whisky re ku celebrata the imminent and innevitable event irombe.Buy today because musi wacho good booze will disappear my friend.Bob achafa chete and our day is fast approaching .Vanoda ku repenta ..time iri kupera ma face

  9. There is nothing surprising pple should understand he is human. furthermore he is blessed to be able to run around at his age, its God’s grace. The reporters should search for helpful news for the economy to move on. Just reading the tripping down of the president does that bring bread and butter on my table.

  10. Hanzi Victoria Fall has been rename ” Mugage Falls”, mazvinzwawo here amuna uko?

    1. Kwainzi Mugabewapunzika pasi chigare Deviti Rivingisitoni asati apati mugave false

  11. the fall itself is of little importance bt considering the background inforrmation it is quiete clear the old man has lost his political virility. I was shocked when i heard him criticising critics so do we have to shut up when you fall on such important events. I am human i have fallen a couple times and people laugh ………. so l have to say sorry sir u fell kkkkk

  12. Zvatakairwa navaMugabe pa”Airport “veduwe mukuru kubata tsuro. Ndakatya kuti asi vave kuteura seMuslim here zvabviwa nazvo Ethiopia. Ukafamba pasi rese vangani vezera ravaMugabe vangapudzika vakasatyoka mapfupa. Long live Uncle Bobby but gona racho parakavigwa ndisunga sunga sasa retsapi mugara dzakasungwa.

  13. sad story.human beings only see your bad parts and forget the good you have done.lets be fair guys and be balanced in our views.maybe this country would be far worse without RGM.Who can tell?If any of you where the president do you think we would be better off?Dont think so!We should be a bit more respectful for our president.That’s maturity.And dont ever wish anyone dead!No matter what its not right.

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