Mucherahowa heaps misery on ailing Shaya

FORMER Dynamos skipper Memory “Mwendamberi” Mucherahowa has poured his heart out on the frosty relationship that exists between him and the club’s ex-chairman George “Mastermind’ Shaya currently down due to failing health.


Mucherahowa, now based in the UK, is showing very little sympathy to the ailing Mastermind who is suffering from dementia, a broad category of brain diseases that cause a gradual decrease in the ability to think properly and remember events.

In a sharp attack on the record five times Soccer Star of the Year winner posted on social networking blogging site Facebook yesterday, Mwendamberi said the club legend deserves everything that is going his way.

As if to add salt to the wound, Mwendamberi further stated that he rates Moses “Razorman” Chunga higher than Shaya, going against the popular belief that the Mastermind is the club’s all-time great.

Turning to the social media, Mwendamberi accused Shaya of being insensitive to their plight during their glorious year in 1998 when they stunned watchers of the African game with a splendid display that saw them reaching the final of the African Champions League only to lose in controversial circumstances to Asec Mimosas of Ivory Coast in Abidjan.

“It’s sad to read in the newspapers. The five-times footballer of the year and one regarded by many as the best Dynamos player ever — though I think Moses Chunga is the best, it makes me feel so sad. Yes he needs help, we all need help.

“But remember some of us were not going to need help as we tried our best to avoid that path. Do you still remember Mr Shaya we had US$16m from the Champions League and YES you were the Chairman. US$16m if you can still remember if not ask Lloyd Hove.

“We fought the battle through thick and thin just to try and make our lives better after football. We could have bought houses, but guess what as the Chairman you decided to share the money with some other people who were not even known and I doubt if those people ever attended any of our matches or even kicked a ball before.

“You decided to give us soup while you and your gang ate all the meat. You gave us peanuts Mr Chairman and on top of that you fabricated a false story and suspended us,” wrote Mucherahowa.

The Class of 1998, which also featured players like Kalisto Pasuwa, Claudius Zviripayi, Lloyd Mutasa, Tichaona Murewa, Tonderai Mutambikwa, Makwinji Soma-Phiri and Murape Murape who was a raw teenager then, is regarded as the best collection of stars by Dynamos whose record is still to be broken today.

But Mucherahowa, a leader of that group, did not play in the final after he was head-butted by an opponent during the warm-up.

Mucherahowa alleges that Shaya punished the group by imposing hefty fines on each players for indiscipline following that unrivalled run in Africa’s premier club competition.

“Out of that little you gave us you decided to fine us $5 000 each. You are lucky that you will get help whilst you are coming from your house in GlenNorah . . . what about some of us after that US$16m we will be coming from Mhondoro Rural Area because we couldn’t afford to buy a house in the City that you promised.

“The battle is still fresh in our minds and the scars are still visible but nothing to show for it. I pray that you get the help you need soon because Pasuwa is also waiting for his $26 000 and unfortunately he is one of those wamakaripisa (you fined) $5 000. We can forgive but not forget Mr Chairman Sir. Anyway, I wish you all the best and a very quick recovery my chairman,” added Mucherahowa.

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  1. It will take years for Zimbabwe to be a sane nation. how can someone who does not play earn more than a player. Workers are going for years without salaries in Zimbabwe while lawyers politicians and generals eat thier sweat. No court will ever deal fairly with such issues. Hanzi internal issue.

  2. if you have forgiven but not forgotten have you forgiven? Mucherahohwa is one bitter fella.

  3. Mbanje, Memory said he has forgiven and he has not forgotten. That is as clear as the sun. Forgiveness is the function of the heart and forgetting is the function of the brains (memory). Yes as humans we don’t plan to forget but we can plan to forgive. Well said Muchirahowa.

    Its not possible to erase memory unless if you suffer some form of brain damage.

  4. Well I do not sympathise with pple who abuse power at the expense of others. I dnt feel pity for Greedy people. Memory has every right to say what he said. These greedy gentlemen are the reason why our Zimbabwean sporting level is so low and is going down every day.

    1. Memory, please, we know you are bitter but do not fight your wars when someone you hate is ill. why are you not here trying to assist the current crop of players to get a better deal than your. My advice is: Do something worthwhile for your self now and stop moaning about how unfair. If you have a genuine case, then sue your former employer, DYNAMOS.

  5. Well said Mwendamberi yu made history machinda our Heroes. But yu got nothing to show for as a your ardent all time fan Mwendamberi I honestly feel for you and all my heroes of that memorable team. Ana Shaya tumadhara who think Dembare is their Bottlestore….but look iko kanei as we speak…..that was utter cruelty basajñ kuputa kingsgate as if one has iron lungs. I salute yu guys. Rt now vamww vakuzviti maPresident. Lets remind them Dembare is not run lyk a carwash.

  6. Kuita greedy kunge vanhu ve Zanupf

  7. kuti zanu pf ndokuti makaro makaro

  8. Memory you have all the right not to forget this greediness Shaya, how can you fine a player coming from rural areas $5 000, and most of these guys were staying in Matapi Mbare, shame on you Mr. Shaya…. Get well soon.

  9. Gwenzi vakatsamwa asi I salute him vataura chokwadi munhu ari mupenyu vozoita havo wafa wanaka mberi. Isu hataiziva kuti ndizvo zviri kuitika madhara anonyima aya mhani plus kuba futi. Hey Ma1 chaiwo mukati kana ku AFCON tichaenda isu? Haaaaaameno

  10. Mwendamberi this statement of yours is grossly misleading. The winners of Nations Cup got US$1m. Do you really imagine US$16m, maybe Z$. Poor you. Stop behaving like a woman scorned.
    Even UEFA winners don’t get that much
    Since 2009 season there was an increase in prize money to be shared between the top eight clubs as follows:[3]


    Money awarded
    to club







    3rd in group stage


    4th in group stage


    Get the Facts.

    Prize money[edit]

    As of 2012–13, UEFA awards €2.1 million to each team in the play-off round. For reaching the group stage, UEFA awards a base fee of €8.6 million. A win in the group is awarded €1 million and a draw is worth €500,000. In addition, UEFA pays teams reaching the first knockout round €3.5 million, each quarter-finalist €3.9 million, €4.9 million for each semi-finalist, €6.5 million for the runners-up and €10.5 million for the winners.[56]
    Playoffs: €2,100,000
    Base fee for group stage: €8,600,000
    Group match victory: €1,000,000
    Group match draw: €500,000
    Round of 16: €3,500,000
    Quarter-finals: €3,900,000
    Semi-finals: €4,900,000
    Losing finalist: €6,500,000
    Winning the Final: €10,500,000

  11. Gunman uri dofo. Most of the money comes from tv rights not prize money. The only thing is shaya is innocent. Cash was taken by hove and friends. Shaya was not up to the level. He was known to love his bottle of whisky only and nothing else.

  12. Regardless of what transpired back then it is classless to attack a man when he is down. I think Mwendamberi is struggling to make a living out there hence all this negative sentiment.

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