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Mkwaiwa’s death shocks wife


JOHANNESBURG — South African businessman and music promoter Prosper Mkwaiwa’s wife Tina is still reeling from the shock of her husband’s untimely death.
Mkwaiwa died on his way to seek medical treatment after complaining of a high fever on Sunday.

The singer and performer spoke to Sowetan Live about her husband’s last moments.

“I don’t know what to say and I can’t explain how I feel, he died in my arms,” she said.

“I tried to wake him up many times he did not respond, we were rushing him to hospital,” she sobbed.

Although things were sour between the lovers, Tina was still living with Mkwaiwa and taking care of him.

The pair were said to be going through a divorce at the time of his death after five years of marriage.

However, Tina insists that their relationship was on the mend and both parties had agreed to give their marriage another chance.

“We were working things out; I had decided that since he said he is not willing to let me go I will stay and make this work,” she said.

Mkwaiwa’s sudden death has left many unanswered questions for the actress and she now wants to know the cause of death.

“There is more to his death than the fever, I will only know after three days what really happened to him,” she said.

Mkwaiwa was also married to Tina Jaxa with whom he has two children.

He was involved in a near fatal accident last year, which left him bedridden for several months. —Sowetan

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