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Mbizo Chirasha fails to pay $100 debt


POPULAR poet Mbizo Chirasha is failing to settle a bill of $100 he borrowed two years ago from one Tafadzwa Dutiro, NewsDay has learnt.

BY Teddy Mkwesha

The poet has been avoiding Dutiro, blocking him on all social networks and changing his phone number.

According to social media chats between the two that are in the possession of NewsDay, Mbizo misrepresented to Dutiro that he was going to attend a poetry slam in Ghana and was in urgent need of $100 to help him prepare for the tour.

“Dear Mr Dutiro. Hope you are fine. I am currently preparing for my trip to Ghana in February for readings and a tour. I have done everything in terms of travelling and tickets. I have a shortage of my book orders. I am seriously looking for S100 today or tomorrow to place an order for my books to Barclays Bank to get my books in the UK so that I can carry them to my tour. Will return this amount as soon as I can if you help, it’s only that I have to quickly order so that they come in the exact time. I will return the money before my trip,” begged Chirasha.

Chirasha was given the money on February 1 2013 and since then he was now avoiding Dutiro.

Dutiro later realised that Chirasha did not go anywhere.

In May the same year, the poet promised to return the money before month end.

“Our well-built relationship will not fall because of money. I will not allow that, it is only that the season was hard. I understand the dire need and the urgency. I promise to give your money back before month end,” he wrote on Facebook.

Mbizo went on to change goal posts and at some point promising to pay back the money within a day, but up until now nothing has materialised.

“I am a bitter man. I helped him, but he is now avoiding me. He even blocked me on all forms of social media,” said Dutiro.

Mbizo acknowledged the debt before switching off his phone.

“I said I am going to pay him, so what?” he said before cutting off.

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