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Mawarire dares men to study, understand their wives


Title: What She Needs
Author: Evan Mawarire
Publisher: DreamPreneur Publications (2014)
ISBN: 978-0-79745824-6

Between the lines with Phillip Chidavaenzi

My wife and I recently had the privilege to sit under the ministration of Pastor Evan Mawarire during the Sexposed Session 2014, an explicit youth discussion on sex and sexuality. It was mind- blowing.

As Mawarire was sharing his observations, you could actually sense the deliverance taking place in the auditorium as strongholds on sex and relationships were broken in moments of self–introspection.
Clearly, God has given Mawarire such rare grace to deal with the issues of sexuality, which are often ignored in the church even as Christians struggle with them.

An eloquent speaker on taboo issues that the church has the tendency to skirt around even as members die silently, Mawarire is a gift to the body of Christ.

After the release of a booklet titled What She Needs – 10 (Plus One) Things Every Wife Craves for Her Husband to Know, the latest book is like a sequel to the first, although it particularly deals with the needs of women in a marriage.

The underlying message in the book is that although most men love their wives deeply, they often struggle to understand how women function (ie their reasoning, actions and needs).

It is this gap that Mawarire seeks to bridge through this beautifully packaged and reader- friendly booklet.

The underlying message in this piece of literature is that a woman will never really feel loved unless she is understood.

The slim volume of insights into marriage is broken down into 12 chapters which are memos that a woman writes to her husband so that he could understand her thought process and the way she functions as a woman.

In one of our conversations, Mawarire revealed to me that he was often invited to speak at women’s kitchen parties, and that has also helped him have an appreciation of women’s heartbeats and the things they desire their men to know and do.

Naturally, Mawarire uses the epistolary style since the booklet is done in a series of 10 letters that the woman writes to her husband.
This is an emotive style which is employed casually and therefore makes the book an enjoyable read. It’s not like a marriage manual through which some “know–it–all” expert will shove their knowledge down your throat.

This book’s strength lies in the author’s ability to engage the male reader and walk them through a journey in which their wife’s secret longings are unravelled.

This booklet should come in handy for any man who desires to understand his wife. It covers a broad range of women’s general thoughts on personal health, sex, affirmation, forgiveness, domestic chores and finances when it comes to their husbands.

At the end of each chapter is a “quick recap” and “blue keys” which distils the information contained in the preceding chapter and work as a memory refresher.

The booklet contains a bonus chapter titled A Little Advice: Man to Man in which Mawarire engages men in a no-holds-barred manner.

A versatile writer and conference speaker, Mawarire was in 2011 chosen as one of Zimbabwe’s 10 outstanding young people by Junior Chamber International for moral leadership.

He has developed a series of personal development books that include Dream Big and Make It Happen, 40 Reasons Why, The F-Word, Dealing With Failure on The Road To Achievement, Break The Glass Ceiling, Overcoming the Invisible Limitations and The Wisdom of the Ant – Unusual Instructions for Breakthrough Progress.

Under the marriage and relationships series, Mawarire has published What He Wants, 10 Things Every Husband Desperately Wants His Wife to Know, What She Needs , 10 Things Every Wife Craves for Her Husband To Know, Bachelors Degree, A Guide To Becoming An Outstanding Husband, Pornosony, The Effect of Music on The Sexual Disposition of a Generation and Check the Mate and The Anatomy of A Successful Courtship.
Till next week, keep reading!

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