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Magadzire sings for distressed societies


FAST-RISING flamboyant gospel musician Gamuchirai Magadzire recently completed recording her third album titled Zuva Richabuda where she advocates for hope within broken and traumatised societies.


The six-track album features songs like Ndinofamba naJesu, Rejoice, Zuva Richabuda, Ishe Vanonzwa, Pedyo Nomuchinjikwa, Holy and Worth You Are.

“My album is all about rekindling lost hope in distressed societies in our country and beyond,” said Magadzire in an interview recently.
“Our society is facing a lot of social, professional and financial challenges. I am confident that music can heal a hopeless soul hence I recorded this album. I challenge everyone out there to consider it for a peaceful mind.

“It is never easy as an artiste to come up with a correct scope for our listeners, but we must remain relevant every time if we are to build, nurture, unite and heal troubled societies through music,” she said.

An acclaimed advocate of Christianity, Magadzire also urges vigilance against evil spirits.

“The world has been under the threat of Satanism lately. This is of major concern that some people out there do not believe the existence of it. My music also cautions masses of evil spirits at work.

“This has resulted in stressed societies where failure is the order of the day and the only answer to this is receiving Jesus Christ without delay for deliverance and protection. People should be focused and have faith as the new dawn is coming,” added the soft-spoken Magadzire.

She went on to mention that she was thereby ministering through music.

“I have a calling and my music is more of a ministry to deliver the world from evil. I love worshiping God and also preaching of Him to the world through music. People should realise that my music is not for entertainment, but for ministering to people’s lives.

“Many people have testified that after listening to my previous albums they found peace and converted their lives into serving Jesus Christ. I have heard many testimonies from people who turned to Christianity after listening to my music.

“Some say that my music is soul lifting in trying times and I am convinced in those statements as it comes from deep down in my heart. And I am very passionate about it,” she said.

Magadzire rose to fame in 2010 through her debut album Wedzerai Kunamata.

The album encouraged society to depend on God despite life challenges.

She followed with another hit album in 2012 titled Moyowakanaka which preaches about bitterness and forgiveness

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