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Guard shoots lover, sister, self


AN aggrieved security guard yesterday morning gunned down his lover and her sister before turning the gun on himself in yet unclear circumstances at Mthimukhulu Farm, adjacent to Rydale Ridge Park residential area in Harare.


When NewsDay arrived at the horror scene, bodies of the two sisters, Jill (21) and Jean Mahebe (23), were lying in a room with blood all over while a security guard identified as Tawanda Galasi’s body, with gun in hand, was found metres away from the crime scene.

It is understood that the two sisters stayed in the neighbouring Granary residential area with their parents.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm he (Galasi) shot both sisters and himself, but currently investigations are underway to see what motivated the shooting. We appeal to members of the public to seek ways of addressing their problems and not resort to such actions,” Charamba said.

Workmates of the now-deceased security guard at the plot said they were aware of the presence of their colleague’s visitors when they suddenly heard a gunshot.

But they were not sure what could have triggered his actions.
A colleague identified as Mike escaped unhurt after he dodged a bullet aimed at him.

Galasi is said to have invited Jill to his lodgings at the plot and was accompanied by her sister Jean who turned 23 on Thursday and a two-year-old male cousin who was playing outside when the incident occurred.

“He bought drinks for them and we thought everything was normal. I was preparing food when I heard a shot. I thought it was an electrical fault, but I saw Mike rushing to where the three were. Mike then asked Tawanda why he had fired the gun and he threatened to kill him as well,” a workmate, Rumbidzai Nemaruru, said.

“I then took the little boy that the two girls had brought with them and fled. The other sister was crying out to Tawanda asking why he had killed her sister and she was also shot.”

As people from the neighbourhood started gathering, Nemaruru said, Tawanda removed his jacket and shoes and fled the scene.

“A few minutes later, we heard another gunshot and we then saw him lying lifeless,” Nemaruru said.

Although it was not immediately clear what led to the tragedy, workmates said they knew of the affair between Galasi and Jill.
Galasi had in many instances threatened to kill Jill in the event that she cheated on him.

Mother of the now-deceased girls, Spiwe Mahebe, wept uncontrollably. Spiwe said she was shocked on why such a terrible tragedy had befallen her family.

“What am I going to do? We just buried their grandfather last week in Sanyati, now I am taking two bodies there again,” she cried.
Their father, trying to maintain composure, said he had never had a problem with his daughters and had promised a birthday party for his elder daughter.

“I was called by my boss and he told me that one of my kids had collapsed, but when I got home I saw people crying and they told me my daughters had been shot dead. I do not even know which one of them was dating Tawanda. I do not even know Tawanda himself and how he came to have a gun with him,” Mahebe said.

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