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The Greyman’s Experiment goes to SA


LEEROY Gono’s latest play The Greyman’s Experiment has been invited to participate at the Ladysmith Festival in South Africa.


The play, written by Mandisi Gobodi, had a fine run at the last edition of the Protest Arts International Festival held at Nicoz Diamond in Harare. Gono, who produced and directed the play said he was delighted about the invitation.

“As an organisation we are is committed to developing Zimbabwe into a robust artistic nation, proud of its cultural assets and recognised internationally for its local talent,” he said.

“Hence the invitation to showcase The Greyman’s Experiment will add value to us. After the success of the National Arts Merit Award nominee The Gods You’ve Built, we have produced quite a mind blowing comedy that is tickling people’s imaginations.”

In a letter signed by the project manager he said: “We are therefore requesting the performance of your latest production, The Greyman’s Experiment, and we believe that this cultural exchange will be vital in the pursuance of our own goals.”

The comic play is about a comic experiment done by a woman on her partners testing his emotions and reactions to certain conditions.

For the greater part of the play, the woman who conducts the experiment on stage appears to be in control, toying around with the man’s emotions but the man pulls a shocker at the end of the play .

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