Grace, Tsvangirai named in RBZ scam

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe and opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai have been fingered as having substantially benefited from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s controversial $1,35 billion debt which government wants to take over.


This came out yesterday as legislators debated the RBZ Debt Assumption Bill which sailed through the second reading stage amid protests by opposition MPs who demanded that the National Assembly conduct a secret vote in a bid to stop its passage.

During the debate, the MPs claimed that part of the RBZ’s millions of dollars had been used to build First Lady Grace’s highly mechanised multi-million dollar Alpha and Omega Dairy project and Tsvangirai’s Highlands mansion in Harare.

Opposition MPs argued that the bill should not be passed as it benefited top Zanu PF and government officials, among them First Lady Grace.
But Zanu PF shot back saying the MDC-T leader was also a beneficiary of RBZ’s benevolence.

Opposition legislators wanted a secret vote on the bill, but Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda thwarted them, ruling that this could only be entertained at the Third Reading Stage before the Bill was passed into law.

MDC-T chief whip Innocent Gonese and Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa had proposed a secret vote, saying Parliament could not be railroaded to pass the Bill without a clear explanation as to how the money was used.

“The people are saying this is a diabolical Bill and they equate it to Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA), and they are saying the RBZ has assets and must pay its debts, and if there are people who benefited, then they must be made to account,” Gonese said.

“People need to know who benefited at a time when the RBZ was behaving as Father Christmas and to solve the issue of conflict of interest all MPs who benefited certainly must be precluded from taking part in the vote to pass this Bill.”

But Mudenda said: “I made a ruling that at this stage that we are, it does not permit voting.”

Gonese, however, said he had qualms with the way some of the debts were described because Zimbabweans could be paying for money used to buy houses for “small houses” or lobola for second wives of some individuals.

“For example, the Medallion Gold, Anglo American debt and other debts have no clear explanation as to how the debt was incurred. It is only described as a variance and how can Parliament be expected to condone such a debt? We need full disclosure and explanations and those people that benefited must be made to reduce the $1,35 billion debt,” he said.

Gonese said some amounts on the RBZ debt was used to pay for electricity debts and fuel for “Zanu PF fat cats”.

“You expect the poor impoverished Zimbabweans to pay? I want to challenge Zanu PF MPs that if they have the interests of the people at heart, they must join us in blocking this Bill so that we ensure those who benefited reduce the amount,” he said.

Nkayi South MP Abednigo Bhebhe (MDC-T) reiterated: “This is a private debt and if Zanu PF MPs insist on government taking over, then we will require that this House be divided so that Zimbabweans can actually judge who have the interests of the people in this House and who are the people in this House actually sanctioning looting.”

This prompted Marondera East MP Jeremiah Chiwetu (Zanu PF) to hit back saying the $3 million used by the RBZ to buy Tsvangirai’s Highlands house when he was Prime Minister had contributed to the contested RBZ debt.

“If we say Tsvangirai should pay back the $3 million, can he manage? He cannot even manage $1 500 per month,” Chiwetu said.

In response, Binga North MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda (MDC-T) claimed that First Lady Grace’s Alpha and Omega Dairy project was built using RBZ money and partly contributed to the debt.

Zanu PF Proportional Representation MP Sabina Mangwende said those farmers who got agricultural implements sold a lot of maize to the Grain Marketing Board, but had not yet been paid.

She said they would only pay back for the equipment they got after the GMB has paid them for maize deliveries.

After a heated debate, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa told legislators that a separate Bill would soon be introduced in Parliament for the setting-up of a Zimbabwe Debt Office to verify and validate the RBZ debt.

He, however, pleaded with the MPs to urgently pass the RBZ Debt Assumption Bill in its current state, saying validation of the debt might take long as the central bank required about $250 million to recapitalise.

The Bill now goes to Committee Stage where Chinamasa promised some amendments.


  1. before I looked at the paycheck saying $8043 , I didnt believe that…my… friend woz like they say realey receiving money part-time on-line. . there great aunt started doing this for only about 12 months and resently cleared the dept on there mini mansion and bought a gorgeous Mitsubishi Evo . Look At This………………….w­­w­­w.J­­o­­bsy­­e­­l­­p.c­­o­­m

  2. So the honorable minister is trying to push this bill so that what ? It seems to me that by approving this bill we as the impoverished citizens are rubber stamping corruption and looting . How can we honestly be burdened by such a huge debt when we cant even be told how this debt was accrued. Instead what we get when we question how so and so was able to acquire so much wealth, WE WROKED HARD FOR OUR MONEY. Yet in actual fact they are stealing and we are supposed to shoulder that when we are starving ????????????

  3. I am with the opposition MPs here. How can a reserve bank be asked to assume a debt that was incurred by individuals? Only in Zimbabwe, under Mugabe. Nyika ino inorwadza chokwadi.

  4. after this i give up on zanupf i really do and zimbabwe at large. do people or MPs know what they are doing by approving this bill. does chinamasa know what the bill is all about. i mean it means tax payers are going to cover this bill. it means for generations tax payers will be paying for this bill. it means before your child gets to go to school this bill has to be payed. there will be no money to hospitals or clinics or drugs or food aid because os this debt and for what so mugabe can own his dairy farm , tsvangirai his house all these guys who got loans from the reserve bank cars can just enjoy while we starve. I give up zim is useless the people are useless we deserve to stay in poverty we deserve it

  5. Handina imba,munda ndakanyimwa,kuchikoro ndakashaiwa mari hurumende ikatadza kundibhadharira ndokudzingwa,kuchipatara ndobhadhariswa .Ngoro,magejo midhudhudhu matarakita,dhiziri nemakutukutu emari maipanana pakuzivana kwenyu kubato renyu asi moda kuti ndibhadhare nedzimwe mari dzamakapa mabhodha Gezi nemaO-vet kuti anyatsotirova tichinzi tiri vebato rinopukisa.Chokwadi Jehovha Pindirayi.

  6. So does it mean that they wont pay back our money? Thats why Jacob Zuma is behaving the way he is doing. Before gideon gono became RBZ governor, most MPS and ministers were in the same wealth bracket as my father. Now all of them are wealthy. Very wealthy and thats why they are ruining our economy. And does it also mean that Tsvangirayi gets his highlands house for free??

  7. It appears to me looting is legal in Zim, that is if you are a top politician. They talk of law when it has to be applied on a starving vendor, when they loot the same starving vendor has to pay for their luxuries. Its disturbing how the zbc employees and police are after squeezing the breath out of the starving povo while the fat cats go free. Its time they know where the money is and go for it. This behaviour by the fat cats encourage looting from all sectors of society, of course the little fish get nabbed but that won’t stop them trying, instead we become smarter and try harder otherwise why not? I would be looking at any business opportunity that can get me invade tax, inflate prices etc because as it stands no law maker cares about my welfare whether protests or not, they just do what they want.

  8. Zimbabwe must disown all the dishonorable Mps who will vote for this bill. They will have demonstrated that they are evil and a great uncaring bunch who want to bring more pain and more poverty to the ordinary hard working citizen. As you add on to your age Mr. President, so do you add on to our suffering. Nothing no longer refers excellence in your presidency which has presided over the enrichment of your family and friends over the misery of the powerless majority. I hate you for this bill Mr. President, you, your wife and family and all your gvt. I am poor hardworking worker and farmer struggling to feed my family. My aged mother far much younger than you is struggling to feed herself in Murewa rural. I cannot help her either, you ruined the economy you stole all opportunities from us. I was amongst the first 10 land applicants in Goronzi. Bona was still child. She recently was illegally allocated land in my province. I have lost hope of your gvt ever giving me land.Your RBZ agri inputs never reached us the unconnected, us the poor us the landless. and why must we finance the repayments made to your family and cronies? I do not think Mr. President, that you have even the slightest imagination of how your actions are hurting me-and the other suffering citizens. I hate this bill, I hate you too vaMugabe. I regret all the support and votes I gave you and your party before.

  9. one of the numerous problems gideon dofo gono created when he was acting prime minister i mean governor

  10. Tsvangirai got that house from government on loan not RBZ ….you newsday stupid pple

  11. No wonder the MDCs are not putting up a big fuss about this debt – they are up to their ears in the scandal the morons.

  12. Tsvangirayi got a loan from RBZ for his house Wezhira get your facts straight….

  13. Tsvangirai has offered to pay for the house but ZANU (PF) is refusing. Infact they have threatened to evict him. Read your newspapers

  14. Tsvangirai haana mhosva siyanai naSAVEEEEE mushini muhombe. ZANU PFUTSEKI people are the most corrupt people in Africa .They consider themselves as a Liberation Party and yet in reality theyb are a group of mafias who want to destroy and steal the country wealth. ZANU PFnxaaaaa

  15. This country is just stupid, that’s all. Must be the soil!

  16. Lets not hide by the finger…. Highlands hse for Tsvangrai kuita sei? Z Tsvangrai expecting to jus live in that blood hse fo free? Why is it not a state property when it was built to cushion a civil servant? Why are these guys tryng to gv ths hse to Tsvangrai only bcoz they want ths to luk kul to both sides? Nthng z kul or special here! Auction Tsvangirai’s hse and afta that we turn to atha properties that wr built by th mis used cash! Zimbabweans are not so stupid to jus smile at ths clear lootng… Bill bill kuita sei??? A gvt that put personal bills….thats crap. And where z that leading us to! Oh God Rise Father Rise!!!!!!!!

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