Grace returns, declares: ‘I’m fit’

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday told hundreds of Zanu PF supporters who welcomed her at Harare International Airport that she was in good health and now felt “as fit as ever” after undergoing her third successive surgery in the Far East last month.


Grace, who arrived in the morning accompanied by President Robert Mugabe, briefly addressed party supporters where for the first time, she publicly disclosed her medical history and revealed that the latest surgery to remove a nagging appendix, was the third one after the first one in 1986 to remove tonsils and the second one in 1996 when she had gall bladder surgery.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said Mugabe joined his wife on his way back from Dubai.

Grace, however, said despite those “minor” operations, she was fit to drive the Zanu PF Women’s League agenda. “Mrs Stop it” — as she is now reffered to in Zanu PF circles after she led the crusade that caused the fall of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru — urged female party members to work hard despite the economic challenges haunting the nation.

Mugabe was the first to break the news of his wife’s ill health when he came back into the country last month, minus his wife, after a six-week holiday with his family in the Far East.

“She did not know for a long time what the problem was. She is out of hospital now. She . . . is resting,” Mugabe said then.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, and common symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and decreased appetite.

Severe complications of a ruptured appendix include widespread painful inflammation of the inner lining of the abdominal wall and sepsis.

The First Family’s health status had all along been regarded as a closely-guarded secret until recently when Mugabe disclosed that he regularly visits Singapore and other countries in the Far East for medical check-ups.

The secrecy about the First Family’s health created fertile ground for speculative reports.

Mugabe, after assuming the African Union chairmanship in Ethiopia late last month, reportedly proceeded to Asia before coming back and when he returned he was without his wife, further fuelling speculative reports that she was on her death bed in Singapore, which has now been proved groundless.

Grace is now viewed as the face of Zimbabwean politics as she is believed to wield enormous influence over political appointments and decisions made by Mugabe, who turns 91 next week.


  1. Why do these people have to adress a crowd each time they visit Zimbabwe ? And Grace’s gob is the gift that keeps giving… Pane chinosara gore rino ? Mai vakafumuka ava.

  2. Why does one have to go all the way to the FARRRRR EAST for an appendix surgery. Silly it is..we know it is something more than just an appendix. Anyway get well soon we miss your words and the circus performance you gave us a few months ago.

  3. I can even do tht operation at home lol The circus is back in Town welcome bck so called doctor

  4. Foreign goods and services have a greater appeal especially to non-born frees like Bob and Grace who were fostered on a colonial diet that despised everything that was made or provided by natives. They talk indigenous but they by foreign. Shame.

  5. So Grace is now receiving same treatment like Mugabe because of fear.I do not understand why they are wasting the rate payers money going as far as FAR EAST. In Zimbabwe those are minor surgeries that can be done by General Practitioners.

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  7. Saka kurifiti tombonodyira Bo wacho?

  8. Welcome back Dr. Amai. How is Singapore compared to here? The hospitals? The food? The peace? The national broadcasting services? The roads? Availability of electric power, water, sanitary services? The cleanliness of their streets?

    We look up to you Mama and we know you have the power to do it for us also, we the down-trodden, adults selling Chinese toys on the street pavements of Harare, the darkness city!

  9. This is a minor problem that any Zinatha n’anga can do with one hand behind his back, it’s only the thrill of earning an extra dollar in travel and subsistence allowance that compels them to go abroad like everybody else they realise the economy is in tatters. removing an appendix is like using a tooth pick to dislodge a stubborn aggregate from your teeth after lunch.

  10. She has gained weight. At least matama

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