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Fans advocate for Ndolwane Super Sounds unity


NDOLWANE Super Sounds fans have launched a bid to try and get the legendary band’s two remaining members Charles Ndebele and Martin Sibanda to return to the band.

By Mkhululi Chimoio

The award-winning rhumba music outfit split four years ago in a move that left hordes of fans disappointed.

Ndebele and Sibanda went their separate ways under unclear circumstances struggles between the equally-talented composers and lead vocalists are said to have ensued soon after the death of Ndebele’s cousin and group co-founder, Abson Ndebele who was viewed as a uniting and influential force in the existence of the band.

Abson passed away in 2007 in a tragic accident along the Bulawayo-Harare highway while on his way to attend a fellow band member, Last Fatiya’s funeral.

Ndebele went on to form a group called Ndolwane Super Sounds Amangwe 1 and released his debut solo project, Azibuye Emasisweni in 2011.

Sibanda also went around the country conducting music shows using the Ndolwane Super Sounds title, but later renaming his band Martin and Bakhuzeni releasing a scorcher album titled Bakhuzeni.

“We are saddened by the way Ndebele and Sibanda continue to handle things at the expense of us as their fans,” Thabani Dube said.

“Fighting and differences are part of life but as elders at times people should meet in the centre for progress to happen.

“We might not know what led them on their separate ways, but everything can be resolved through a properly managed dialogue.”

Martha Dube urged both artists to let go of their pride for the sake of progress.

“I am convinced it is only a matter of pride which is always a problem in our African society. Sibanda and Ndebele should know that Ndolwane is a brand bigger than them and they should work together for the sake of our community.

“We view them as our legends and their differences should be swept under carpet and come together once and for all,” she said.

Mxolisi Ncube said, “I will fight to bring this artist together. They are extremely good while working together not what we seeing now. They have done wonderful with their solo projects, but they should not starve us fans of Ndolwane Super Sounds. I believe in them as Ndolwane a lot, when working together these guys are very unstoppable and can go far than expected. They can work on their solo projects separately and also come together for joint operations as Ndolwane,” he added.

The group’s last offering Zethembe was in 2009, before they parted ways.Originally from Ndolwane in Bulilima, Matabeleland South, the band had established itself as a force to reckon with in Bulawayo and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The group had defied a number of odds in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry, producing hit after hit since their debut recording, Ndoyana.

Their last offering was the 2009, Zethembe.

Of the albums they recorded, Hluphile, got the most airplay and was banned in some parts of the country after it was perceived to be ‘political’.

A reproduction of their pivotal, Africa, released in 1997, was used in South African Broadcasting Corporation programmes to unite the continent ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that South Africa hosted.

This split is one in a list of break ups that has characterised Zimbabwe’s musical groups over the years.

Some of their albums include Kulindawo, Zambani Likaphondo, Africa, Qiniso, Amanginqigonqo, Inqokonqoko, Donsa, Phenduka and Sunduza among others.

Three years after their last showing together on stage, Ndebele invited Sibanda to come on stage and perform with him in his show which turned out emotional after revellers were left clamouring for more.

Surprisingly, while on stage Ndebele and Sibanda accused their fans of causing disharmony between them through social networks.

The pair also reminded revellers of the past through their hit songs Amanginqigonqo, Inqokonqoko, Donsa and Phenduka.

“Martin is my brother and will remain one. People through social networks like facebook and WhatsApp are always causing unnecessary and non-existing fights between us,” said Ndebele.

Sibanda highlighted on their differences while on stage.

“We had different views on going forward and we decided to part ways. We never fought as pushed by liars. When given an opportunity we will work together as we have done previously, there is no any bad blood existing between us,” added Sibanda

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