EU renews sanctions on Mugabe, Grace

Brussels — The European Union (EU) renewed for another year its sanctions against Zimbabwe, including a travel ban and asset freeze on President Robert Mugabe and his wife, according to a notice on Friday in the EU’s officials journals.

“The restrictive measures should be renewed until, Feb 2016,” the notice read. “The application of the travel ban and asset freeze should be maintained for two persons.”

Since imposing sanctions in 2002 over electoral fraud and human rights abuses, the EU has eased measure to encourage political reform in Zimbabwe, although it has kept its ban on Mugabe and his wife, Grace, as well as an arms embargo.

This week, it gave Zimbabwe $270 million in aid, its first since sanctions were imposed. An earlier this month an EU official said the 91 year old president might be allowed in on an exceptional basis during his yearlong chairmanship of the African Union, if travelling on AU business.

The official journal, however made clear EU governments were not convinced that Mugabe had changed enough to merit a final lifting of restrictions. — Reuters

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  1. good move eu. these ppl have no changed at all. you shld have kept your 270 mil as wel coz no ordinary zimbabweann will benefit but only suffer paying back the debt. y help a nation which affords a 1mil party when every is in the streets vendimg for a living

  2. Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

    Nice birthday present for Matibili. Enda ku Singapore kwawajaira plus futi kwaasingapore. I wish I could wish you many more birthdays, but EISH, am tired of you dude….Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki!

  3. Viva President Mugabe. Long live Apostle of Black Empowerment.

  4. Shame on the EUROPEAN Disunion, Africa for Africans

  5. Shame on the EUROPEAN Disunion, Africa for Africans . The Gospel of African Economic Empowerment has started in Zimbabwe and it’s spreading to the whole of Africa. Whether Sanctions against Mugabe or Negative media against Zimbabwe , the Black man shall rise and be economically emancipated.

    1. And when will this happen?

  6. @michael sibanda. Bullshit.

  7. Mwari makanaka mawedzera demon iri mamwe makore ekurarama with this bad health issue azvichat rwadzei todakuon kachimam@ kaDinosaurs ako. ndine urombo nevari kuCanaan uko varikutambudzw@ bt nyararai minamato yedu inemi

  8. Evil goblin Mugabe.

  9. “and asset freeze on President Robert Mugabe and his wife” I wonder how many ‘assets’ the first family has abroad which the EU continue to ‘freeze’.

  10. If you owe someone a lot of money they impose sanctions on you, ask Dr MANGUNDLA? Even our own banks have declared sanctions on businesses? For as long as you misbehave you will always be an outcast. Now you know?

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