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Dokora says ministry to take stern action against bullying


Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora last week told Senate that his ministry would soon take stern action against schools that failed to protect pupils from bullies.


Dokora made the remarks after Harare Metropolitan Senator Sekai Holland demanded government policy on bullying following an incident where a pupil at Waddilove Primary School allegedly committed suicide after being taunted by his colleagues.

The minister said government had a policy on bullying, adding that he would soon crack a whip on schools that failed to implement it.

“Statutory Instrument 1/2000 will certainly visit those who fail to enforce the rules and protect pupils within the school premises,” Dokora said.

Although he did not specifically state which policy addressed the issue of students who engaged in bullying others, Circular 35 is said to address the issue of how to deal with bullies.

Statutory Instrument 1/2000 addresses issues of conditions of service, including acts of misconduct by civil servants.
Dokora, however, said he had not yet received a detailed report about the Waddilove tragedy.

“That is a matter that needs investigation. At the moment, we do not have a report on our desk describing or providing the details that led to the demise of the young person. However, every life lost is regrettable. I do not think we can take it at face value and say it is caused by bullying. Let us wait and obtain the full circumstances of the situation that might have led to that young boy’s loss of life,” Dokora said.

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