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Dismiss lazy civil servants: Chimene


Minister of State for Manicaland Mandi Chimene has threatened to recommend the dismissal of lazy and non-performing civil servants in the province.


Chimene said citizens were getting a raw deal from “undedicated” civil servants describing them as a heart failing to pump and paralysing all government efforts to turn around the country.
She said, in her capacity as Provincial Affairs minister, she would deal with senior civil servants while for the junior she will “pull strings” to have them dealt with.

Her remarks came at a time when morale was low within the civil servants because of poor condition of service coupled with low remuneration.

“To be a civil servant means you are a servant of the people even if you are a provincial or district head you are still a worker of the people,” Chimene said on Thursday while addressing different stakeholders including civil servants from different departments in Mutare.

“All I can say is that we should be committed to our work. You applied for the job and you were given. The government is looking after you by giving you your salary, so in turn you have to look after the people of Man

She added: “If you had mentioned that you won’t put your time to that job then you wouldn’t have been employed. Some of you don’t even care. You are professionals, but if we look at the behaviour you exhibit at work then you will be killing yourself as well as the government. We can’t have that. Here in Manicaland if there were people who were doing that please know that it’s coming to a halting end. We need to change attitude.”

The former intelligence operative said she would not mind working with MDC people as her office was above party politics.

She also spoke strongly against corruption in different government departments saying she will work tirelessly to uproot the vice.
Chimene also challenged the people of Manicaland to set up small processing plants for their agricultural produces and stop exporting jobs to other places such as Harare.

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