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Chimuka makes comeback with Mono, Derick Mpofu and Esther


After his debut album Kurukura noMusiki did not do so well in 2013, Afro fusion gospel musician, Collen “Codza” Chimuka has made a comeback with his recent eight track project titled Zheve Yake Inonzwa.

Tinashe Sibanda

The musician works with his six-member band The Heaven Strivers which consists of a drummer, keyboardist, bassist, lead guitarist and two backing vocalists.

This time around, in a bid to improve himself, Chimuka recorded his current album at Monolio Studios with prominent guitarist Clive “Mono” Mukundu as lead guitarist and top vocalist Derick Mpofu as well as Esther Mkazika.

“Mono is just so experienced in the industry and Derick is a very good vocalist as well as Esther so it was worth it working with them so as to improve myself as an artiste and also my music,” said Chimuka.

He said his music was inspired by day to day events which often times turned into lessons learned for himself thus they were worth sharing with others in the form of music.

Chimuka added that his first album hadn’t done so well so this time he had intentionally included seasoned artistes to advise him as well as help him with the project.

“This time around I’m planning to engage as many audiences as possible through live shows across the country and also engaging reputable marketing companies to help familiarise me more with people,” he said.

The musician said although he was a devout Catholic, his music was for everyone and his idea was to reach out to people from different facets and backgrounds.

Chimuka started singing in 2009 in his church choir and since then he always had the urge to go solo but it took long as it was too expensive for him then.

He said it was a hard thing for his wife Christine to accept and understand that he wanted to pursue his musical dream but of late she had started to loosen up and understand as well as accept his gift.

Together they have a three year old son.

“I am thankful to have mentorship from Mono who is talented yet so humble.

“He constantly speaks on the importance of humility, patience and accepting and respecting the differences in individuals for one to make it in the industry,” he added.

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