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Boyfriend kills married woman for demanding sex


A 26-YEAR-OLD Murehwa man appeared at the High Court yesterday facing a murder charge after he allegedly killed his 45-year old married girlfriend accusing her of demanding sex and infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.


Isaac Kadumbo of Kapita village, Mukarakate ward, in Murewa, is alleged to have struck Brandina Bondera twice on both sides of her neck with an axe, killing her instantly after he was angered by her sexual demands. The pair had had a scuffle after Kadumbo threatened to expose Bondera to the public concerning her sexual escapades and for using juju to bed men without their knowledge.

According to court papers, Kadumbo started having a sexual relationship with Bondera when her husband was in South Africa.

High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze heard that on August 18, 2005, Bondera left her homestead and travelled over four and a half kilometres to Kadumbo’s homestead where upon arrival she allegedly demanded him to bed her for the night, but Kadumbo refused.

It is alleged Kadumbo then threatened to commit suicide after realising that Bondera was persistent with her demands and the two started fighting. During the scuffle, Kadumbo allegedly picked up an axe and struck Bondera twice on the neck.

After realising that he had committed murder, Kadumbo allegedly advised his relatives that he wanted to commit suicide.

He allegedly later locked himself in his bedroom, but was dissuaded from commiting suicide by his relatives. When he eventually unlocked the door, his relatives discovered Bondera’s lifeless body lying on the floor.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to his arrest.
However, in his defence Kadumbo told the court that a week before Bondera’s death, he carried out some renovations at her homestead where he was given sadza and meat after the work.

Kadumbo claimed after eating the food, he was choked by a chunk of meat and from that day, he developed serious chest problems.

He further claimed he sought spiritual deliverance from various churches and was advised that he had been bewitched by Bondera who was believed to have some juju that enabled her to have sexual intercourse with men without physical contact.

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