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Bev, Monica Sele in near fist fight


RAUNCHY dancer Beverly Sibanda and socialite Monica Sele Chikosha came close to trading blows at a music show at Zebra Bar in Mbare at the weekend.


Monica was caught up in the fiasco as she tried to cool flaring tempers between Bev’s manager Hapaz and hairdresser Revai who were trading insults.

Hapaz was accused of refusing to settle a $120 debt over the past seven months after Revai had done Bev’s hair and that of each of her group members.

The scene attracted the attention of revellers enjoying Suluman Chimbetu’s performance at the venue.

Monica maintained her cool in what could have culminated in a nasty brawl as Bev accused her of embarrassing her in the public.

“Monica, you are the one causing all this mess and you want to instill fear in us. I will hit you with a bottle and be jailed. I do not mind because I will return after even two months,” Bev said.
“You will not victimise me for that issue,” she said, charging towards Monica before she was restrained by the crowd.

Jazz sensation Jean Masters’ attempt to calm the situation did not help matters.

“Revai and Hapaz you should not have involved so many people in this issue. You should have solved it without drawing attention to those who have nothing to do with the issue” she said.

There was pushing and shoving between Hapaz and Revai, who operates at Red Alert Hair Salon.

Revai said Hapaz breached the contract having agreed that he was going to pay the

money three days after the hairdos in August last year.
“I just want my money from you Hapaz, can you give me my money?” Revai shouted.

After realising that their actions were drawing many people including the media, Hapaz begged Revai to quieten down promising to settle the debt on the set.

“Revai, I have the money to pay you, but because of the way you approached me I am not going to give you your money,” Hapaz said.

Hapaz later claimed that he was in a relationship with Revai so other people did not have to get involved in their dispute, but the hairdresser refuted the claims.

Bev is not new to controversy. Early this year she attacked fellow dancer Wasu (real name Precious Makwame) during a show held at Super Label Night Club.

During the fiasco Bev also attacked fans and Hapaz was caught up in the crossfire as he tried to restrain her.

After the incident, Hapaz threatened to quit his job as Bev’s manager saying he was fed up with Bev’s rowdy behaviour.

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