Zimbabwe in land policy U-turn

The Zimbabwean government has made a major climb down and now allows farming joint ventures between new black farmers and former white commercial farmers.
It now also allows contract farming.


The move has been welcomed by many farmers who said this was long overdue.

Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Douglas Mombeshora said farmers were now free to choose who they wanted to engage in joint ventures and contract farming.

“Joint ventures can be black to black, black to white, black to yellow or red . . . as long people agree on terms of the contract, but we need to see the contract before it is signed because we want to protect both parties and we encourage fair play not manipulation of one party by the other,” said Mombeshora
Mombeshora said some people came to government complaining that they had been chased by resettled farmers after pouring resources on the farms.

Asked if this was a major U-turn on government policy on land, Mombeshora claimed government always allowed this to happen.

“It is not true to say that government ever disapproved contract farming and joint ventures . . . what government didn’t approve of [and doesn’t allow] even now is sub-leasing of land,” said Mombeshora

But speaking at the installation of Chiefs Alfred Tome Beperere and Johannes Kanyoka Chidziva of Zvimba at Murombedzi growth point last year President Robert Mugabe took a swipe at politicians harbouring whites.

“Don’t enter contract farming with whites; it’s dangerous, dangerous arrangement that we don’t want,” said Mugabe then.

At Chipfundi in Mhangura last year Mugabe again accused his lieutenants of “supping with whites” and promised to deal decisively with them.

“Some of my ministers are being mentioned here. They are refusing to remove white farmers from their constituencies,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe seems to have lost the plot as most Zanu PF bigwigs were denouncing contract farming and joint ventures publicly while secretly engaging former white commercial farmers as their partners.

A Mhangura farmer who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation confirmed that contract farming and joint ventures between whites and most top politicians was prevalent.

“They were already engaging white partners yet refusing us permission to go into partnership with whites,” said the A2 farmer.

“The big politicians are hypocrites; they now want to officially accept contract farming and joint ventures because they can no longer hide it . . . but they have been partnering white farmers for a very long time yet they would deny it to the President.”

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  1. It’s all very sad, this climb down. Why climbing down, Lord Cremora of Gamatocks?

  2. Ko ma white farmers ndizvo….

    1. Ehee ngavadzoke vatidzidzise kurima nokutitengera zve matirakita. Tigo zvo vadzingirira.

  3. Hanzi here-ee land reform chii chii what what… Baas ndiye anogonakurima. Pamberi nevarungu!

  4. With the current state of our economy, we don’t care who utilizes our land… “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice”- Deng Xiaoping

    1. The great Deng had this one shaped right now he drives China in the 21st century from the grave..Like good old Socrates said ‘A good man has nothing to fear either in life or in death’..If only Zimbabwe could get a half a ‘Deng’, no, just maybe 1%… we would all be smiling!

  5. Its former commercial white farmers, not “former white commercial farmers.” Poor journalism and English. If they are “former white” farmers, what colour are they now?????

    1. You tell them chris boy ..you tell them mazi Zimsec doctrates butchers of the english language

      1. Kana nemiwo futi imimi… It should be “white, former commercial farmers”

  6. Righteous Judgment

    ZPF needs to de-politicise EVERYTHING! Why does it take them so long to get the picture. Most of us know what will get Zimbabwe up and working but they just cannot see!!! Zimbabwe does NOT belong to any man but to God. Any Zimbabwean who wants to farm should have the freedom to do that. And land should be freed up so it can change hands: buy and sell! Good business practice but then ZPF have never heard of good business practice. May the Lord bring us a spirit of godly sorrow for we need to change our ways.

  7. Sakaall these years vanga vasingazvioni kuti farming is a profession and a business. I am so sorry but these goons have let the country down for so long. Better vachienda havo…….

  8. Let the economy grow enough with this white / black issue. Let people join into partnerships like this you empower the black farmer and with him joining a white farmer who can bring in experience and capital lets see if this country finally can blossom.

  9. Indeed….its shouldnt be about the meanns but the END! Well done Minister..you have seen the light!

  10. well done Minister, what it means is that the holder of an offer letter, who does not have access to funding, owns the resource ie. the land and therefore benefits from any contract that he may enter with whoever. That way we are likely to see better land utilization to the benefit of the economy instead of letting the land lie idle due to lack of financial resources. This is a win-win solution, for both to the land owner and financing partner. This is pragmatism on Government’s part, we cannot hold onto a resource which is not creating wealth. If properly managed, this will boost employment creation on the farms, boost harvests of maize, flowers, soya beans, tobacco, market gardening for local and export markets. National Foods, Olivine Industries, Lever Brothers, Surface, Blue Ribbon Foods, Cottco, even CSC and many other agro based entities and local/ overseas/diaspora and banks will gain the confidance to fund agriculture. The political battle for land is now over what we must engage is full economic utilization of the land for the economic growth that has been eluding us since the land reform. Congratulations to the Minister and hope your fellow politicians will not pull you down as in the case of the bloated Lasch/ZanuPF youth project.

  11. Out of the 12 fools who have just commented above, @Kambiri you have emerged to be the winner, at list wataura zvinemusoro. the rest are idiots!.

    1. It shows at great lengths who the fool is, you Pilate, you are a complete idiot, fool and moron. You cannot even tell the difference between list and “least.” What do you mean “at list????” Kana usina kuenda kuchikoro nyora neShona, Zvonombonzi at “list” here???? Its at “least.” So you see how foolish, idiotic and what a moron and waste of space you are???? Tokuudza manje isu. You can’t even tell the difference between one English word from another word. We feel pity for you, for your petty post feels the pit !!!!! Get a life.

    2. @ Pilate…. I will let you know who the idiot, moron and foolish person is….. its you. What do you mean at “list????” The correct word is “least.” So you see now how stupid you are, don’t you??? You cannot even tell the difference of one English word from the other word. Kana usina kudziza nyora neShona. Benzi rinozvinyadzisa rega sekuzvinyadzisa kwawaita kwatave kukudza isu anhu acho. You are a waste of space, ignorant,foolish and such a big idiot. Go back to school, take a book and study, and then get a life. Don’t dare start with us, you will not like it when we hit back with facts.

  12. Some of these white partners are operating on properties formerly belonging to their compatriots. They are also thieves. Shame on them.

  13. @ Pilate……..I will let you know who the idiot, fool and moron is, ITS YOU PILATE. What do you mean at “list” Zvinonzi at “least.” kwete list. You are so ignorant, such an idiot and fool iwe. Kana usina kuenda kuchikoro nyora neShona. You cannot even tell the difference from one English word from the other word. Go back to school, take a book and study, then get a life. You are a waste of space. Don’t you dare start with us, we will hit back with facts and prove you stupid. Benzi rinozvinyadzisa rega sezvawaita. So you see how foolish you are, don’t you, moron???? We feel pity for you, as your petty post feels the pit.

  14. Willard Mubvumbi

    The land does not belong to any one but to God. Human beings do not have a permanent place on the planet and are nothing but mortals who are passing through. We came from our mothers womb with nothing and we shall depart this planet with nothing. Whites no longer trust blacks and its gonna be hard to persuade them to get into partnerships.




    God is the owner of the land and not mere mortal human beings. Whites no longer trust blacks and would rather keep their resources than risk losing them in future. Lets not create confusion becoz tomorrow another politician will come and say something different from what Mombeshora said.

  17. Hopefully Minister, you are not fooling anyone. Is Chief Mugabe part of this decision? Experience has taught me nothing stands if Chief Mugabe is not involved, he is the law. I wouldn’t be counting my chicks yet until Mugabe confirms that statement, why not wait for him to end his holiday before making such statements? I wouldn’t want to be conned yet again if I were a farmer. For as much as the statement is encouraging, its authenticity is questionable.

  18. This is what should have been encouraged from the beginning, instead of infrastructure destruction. Sometimes common sense is NOT common.

  19. Editor, that is not a U turn. A U turn means you do a “right about turn”. However in this case, the government has identified an obstacles, and it is directing its troops( new farmers) to an “open order march” so that the obstacle remains in the center, and the troops will close ranks after they have passed the obstacle. Saka iyi sandi U turn.

    1. Gonawapotera, this is a U turn. If you say one thing today and tomorrow you say the exact opposite, that is a U turn in thinking regardless of how militaristic you want to portray government action. You mean after all this time the government has only just identified the obstacle? The problem is even if it is a U turn the implementation is not going to happen?

  20. Ngavadzoke varumbi vatitengere mbeu namatirakita. Kana bagwe roibva tochivadzingirira zve


    @Ndaziva, kikikikikiki ndozvichaitika.

  22. Robber Mugabe and his racist cohorts still don’t get it after all these years. No farmer or any other successful businessman who is worth his salt, would want to do business in Zimbabwe while being shackled by racist government legislation and contracts binding them to a non-productive parasitical partner, just because of skin Colour issues. Get your racist legislation out of farming, land ownership, mining and any other business, and set the businessmen free to do their business free of political interference. Give the land back to the white commercial farmers that your sick government officials drove off the land just because they have racist issues and hate whites owning land. Until then nobody in their right mind will do business with Zimbabwe. There are far more secure and profitable business and farming opportunities without racist bias in the rest of the world, including other countries of Africa. As long as Mugabe and his racist ZANU Political party are running the show, there will never be an economic or agricultural recovery to benefit the People of Zimbabwe. They have done too many stupid, racist and economic blunders in the past to ever be taken seriously today, or even trusted by any sane investor, farmer, mining enterprise or businessman. As for me being an African, born with a “white” skin and as a qualified horticulturist, I would rather look to Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique or Tanzania for business opportunities before looking at the land of my birth and heart, Zimbabwe.

  23. Interesting when 6 more of the few remaining farms have been invaded in one small area alone in the last 8 days!

  24. Excellent post, Stuart! I hope it is read by everyone posting here. As for “giving the farms back to the white farmers by the racist government officials”….well, whom of those farmers would even want them back? Those farms have been desecrated and the farm homes destroyed and plundered. Those white farmers have had to move to other African nations (like my family did) and start over. They are never coming back to the country of their birth. It is Zimbabwe’s loss.

    1. They thought farming was by remote control from their offices, now they will eat their land I hope.

  25. What a joke!!! What white farmer would risk it again in Zimbabwe??

  26. Zimbabwe’s economy was ruined by politicians, and will never return to it’s former strength until ZANU-PF is defeated and party politics abolished. Power rightfully belongs to those who know how to use it to the benefit of all the people – and that’s not the politicians or political parties. For example, let the qualified and experienced farmers decide agricultural policies and practices as they are the only ones capable of doing so.

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